Monday, March 23, 2009

The Malay Agenda - by Tun Dr Mahathir

I have strong convictions that this speech by Tun Dr Mahathir will form the Malay agenda in the next few years. It will unite the Malays, bring stability back to Malaysia (This country will not be stable unless the Malays are united, read our history and you will understand why – also read about Sri Lanka to see the equivalent – especially what can and may happen if the main grouping in a country is split and at each other’s throat – war and the usage of the other groupings as punching bags! ).

Tun outlined in precise and simple language (if you understand the Malays and Malay Culture you will understand better the innuendoes he has embedded in his text) what is now in the hearts of the Malay masses, gave reasons, supported with historical events, gave them emotions and the spirit to pull together the millions of Malay hearts out there and making them ONE.

I do not think Tun is finish yet. This is just a beginning of a larger campaign. Tun, I envision is working to put back Malaysia on the correct footing by first cleansing, re-energising and re-modelling and enhancing the major group in Malaysia, the Malays.

While personally I wish we can work on all the races at once, I guess pragmatism in today’s politics demands the other.

Tun , thank you Sir!

To read the text of his speech -


pah nur said...

"Melayu mudah lupa. Kata seorang ahli falsafah; “Mereka yang lupa akan sejarah mereka akan didera dengan mengulangi kesalahan mereka berkali-kali”."
Hmm..people arguing about Science and Maths should be in which language, BM or English, but apparently, Sejarah in BM pun orang tak reti bahasa juga because they keep repeating history, perhaps because they don't learn anything from it....tidoq kot dalam kelas.

Mahathir, in that speech merely reiterated the "Malay Dilemma", trying to make Malays realize that in order to progress, one must be honest to oneself in admitting their own shortcomings. Without realization, one cannot move on to improve themselves because, what is there to improve if you don't see what is there to improve, let alone the need for improvement.

If Malays want to retain their Ketuanan Melayu, what we should do is gain respect from others by upgrading our mentality,our productivity, and throw away the habits that gave us the title "bangsa subsidi" because respect is not to be demanded, rather earned. If we are superior in all areas, then there is no need to flash away the Keris Tamingsari screaming genecide. Please, technology enables men to destroy other men using one button, keep back your keris into your pants, or where ever it is the kris is kept on human body.

I'm not much of person who regard "race" as something important in our lives, because I'm more incline toward religion (my definition anyway),and the gist of Islam, and any religion for that matter is to put aside our differences physically and culturally, to embrace a good deen , or a way of life, so we could all live harmoniously, spending time for human development rather than human destruction in whatever name, be it God, religion etc.

I believe in Muhibbah, but sadly, Malaysian is not ready for muhibbah in it's honest sense, because there is still distrust sentiment amongst races due to past incidences like Thirteen May (the real version of it) and the history of Singapore. This distrust and suspicion amongst each other may never be bridged unless we start from the basic, or we start from scratch ("kita mula dengan menggaru" is the direct translation, just to rub the point that there are things in English that cannot be fully expressed in BM, just like a women can never pee straight, no matter how they think they are at the same level as men), and where better to start than our education system.
Staying vernacular is only going to demolish the bridge amongst races, increasing suspicion amongst us.
We will always fall into that trap set by certain politicians (termed synthetic terror) devised to further cling into race based parties, something in this modern era, should be wean off if one were to claim that it's nation is "civilized". The problem is, the suspicion amongst races will strengthen the race base party, and the race base party will further enhance the suspicion amongst race, ergo we get the ultimate long lasting vicious cycle.
Honestly, I don't see any solution to this matter, unless the citizen of malaysia is made to realize that although our culture and language may be different, our goals in life are the same. There should not be an Indian Malaysian, Malay Malaysian, Chinese Malaysian, Rojak Malaysians, Mat Salleh wanabes Malaysians, SPG Malaysians, DLL Malaysians and so forth.....We should all be proud to call ourselves as Malaysians. Together we stand, as Malaysians.

P/S, although the old man on the gerek got tortured by Siam, we must also remember that there were chinese too who suffered the Japanese occupation.

Stephen Doss said...


Tun is doing the only thing he knows best, there are many different ways of doing things, but he almost always chooses the easiest and the short cut way of doing things. USING EMOTIONS, and demonizing the OTHER, this country needs HEALING, not Dr M.

Anonymous said...


It's not wrong to seek for unity among people of the same kind and religion. It is a noble cause, I don't deny it. Especially when I see the obscene comments being thrown among the same kind just because of their political differences; it saddens me.

I would love if the Indian community for one, can put aside things like political beliefs and the age-old caste story to work together and harder towards bettering our social and economic standing in Malaysia.

But for the Right Honorable to say that Malay unity is necessary because others are waiting in the wings to dispossess the Malays? What are we, non-Malays going to dispossess the Malays of?

I respect the Constitution; I remember the Rukunegara by heart; stand up when the Negaraku is played. I hold my Sultan dearly in my heart. I don't question the special rights entrenched.

Then, how can I be a threat to the Malays?

Us against them? Oh, please...

Odette said...


I applaud what you tried to do with the newspaper ad and all and it got all of us noticing you and your relevant calls.

However, it is hard to swallow that Tun uses the easiest ploy in the book to garner support. We should never bring racism in any form into the equation because it only serves to influence lesser minds and to what end? Emotions are the hardest to control... there will be no end to it , will there? We do not choose what race we are born, please remember that.

We should instead focus on addressing what is really wrong, the root cause of problems in this country.

All of us have to strive to better ourselves and work within the capabilities that we each are inately given. That and hard work = success (and isn't that what we want for everyone?)

Is the country ready for true meritocricy?

notenotingnoted said...

'pah nur' wrote "..what we should do is gain respect from others by upgrading our mentality,our productivity, and throw away the habits that gave us the title "bangsa subsidi" because respect is not to be demanded, rather earned. .." - Yep, you are correct.

Attn: Stephen Doss
That's politics and politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hi Br.
Hebrews 11: 24-27,
By faith Moses, when grown up, refused to be called the son of the daughter of Phar´aoh, choosing to be ill-treated with the people of God rather than to have the temporary enjoyment of sin, because he esteemed the reproach of the Christ as riches greater than the treasures of Egypt; for he looked intently toward the payment of the reward. By faith he left Egypt, but not fearing the anger of the king, for he continued steadfast as seeing the One who is invisible. [Tun MM...Possess this vision where most people are ignorant of]

BareSheen said...


Please, this Malay unity thing so that Malaysia can be strong - what a fallacy and how tiresome. I expected more from your thinking. This is sadly and deeply disappointing.

What Malays need are confidence in themselves, self-awareness and acceptance that this world is not perfect.

This unity thing is hogwash.

And Dr M has pass his shelf life long time ago.

Please, enough of him.

Anonymous said...

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