Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mukhriz Mahathir's Worldview of UMNO, Malay Dominance and Malaysia's Racial Balance

An interview by The Nut Graph with Mukhriz Mahathir. Highly suggest you read it.

Finally, I found a rational argument from an UMNO-BN man.

"Umno being the dominant party within the BN, right from the word go, we were open to, in fact we propagated this whole idea of power-sharing within the BN. And we defend that all the time by making sure that the number of seats allocated during the general election meets the requirements of all the parties involved.

Secondly, we do not practise a policy of assimilation. We consider the Malay culture as being the dominant one, but we do not force it on anyone. You do not see us going the way of Indonesia or Thailand, where other races are expected to immerse themselves into the dominant culture to the extent that their original cultures are nonexistent."

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Father Sez said...

I had so much high hopes for Mukhriz. Until he made a statement that there is no need to reform the judiciary, because this would not help the Malays.

My hopes were completely dashed that day. Perhaps one day this young man or his loved ones will find themselves at the wrong end of the courts.

Stephen Doss said...

While there may be some hope yet for a few UMNO politicians, more often then not a few UMNO clowns will always say one thing and yet more often than not, do completely the opposite of what they say.

Especially when fishing for votes, so they always end up saying one thing to Malaysians in general but end up saying the very opposite in Utusan Malaysia for example..

It is this two-face statements that have caused them credibility, and the only way to regain any credibility at all is for them to make sure they say the same thing in Utusan Malaysia and The Star...

I do not see any other way...