Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are we humans causing global warming? Are you sure?

I waited until the day after ‘Earth Hour’ before placing this message in my Facebook.

‘Anas knows that Global Warming is a natural environmental change process repeated since the beginning of time; and the propaganda that human activities CO2 emissions is the main reason for Global Warming is one of the biggest bullshit in human history. It also shows that we humans have a false belief that we are far more significant than the Sun and Mother Nature’

Let me explain.

My second sister Aini (kakDek) brought back a globe for my nephew Erza the last time she balik kampong to Malaysia last hari raya. For reasons I cannot recall, that globe now is residing in my house.

The globe is bluer than any other color, obviously, as the earth’s surface is more water than land. If I were to use a marker pen and mark areas where we humans are actively living in, the majority of the earth will still be empty of people.

I boil water on a daily basis, you know for drinks, telur setengah masak, etc. I began to wonder, how long and what kind of heater do we need to boil(heat up) all the water from the sea and land on mother earth? I sometimes cook too. Now, how big a fire will I need to heat up all the land mass too? Now how about the air around us? Really ...can the last 40 – 50 years of human activities like industry, driving our loveable cars and riding of motorbikes do that? Hmm... kind of tak masuk akal...

The globe my sister bought is a really good one. It has not a flat surface. Instead areas where the land mass is higher like the mountains you have somewhat pimple like swelling. So like some human faces, the earth has loads of pimples. Some are still alive, the volcanoes. One of those pimples erupted in 1883, the Krakatao of Indonesia.

The ‘boom’ was heard 4600km away! The dust from the eruption fell as far as 2,500 km away. The finer fragments flew high into the stratosphere, spreading like cloud across the entire equatorial within two weeks. They remain suspended in the atmosphere for years to come, earth’s temperature drop several degrees for years. One pimple eruption from mother earth can cause that. Imagine if she farts! Do we really think we are that significant?

You know what, I am not a scientist. But, like all other humans, God gave me common sense. (Thank you, God!). We need to just look up for the answer, no not in prayer, look up at the sun. I think if there is any heater capable of heating the earth, its water and atmosphere, IT WOULD BE THE SUN!

That does not mean that I condone wasteful behavior. But I definitely, do not condone that we blindly follow the majority. Scientist, politicians, pressure groups, and religious leaders, included.

Now, go switch off your lights, he!he!


walski69 said...

You have a point - human activity is not the only factor. But certainly a big contributing factor. Emissions, however, are not the only culprit.

The rise in CO2 can be attributed to increased emissions from vehicles (of all kinds), factories, power generation, etc. What has also happened, in parallel, on a large scale over the last century or so is deforestation.

Trees (leaves, actually) absorb CO2 and water, and through photosynthesis, converts the energy from sunlight to produce sugar-based organic compounds, and release O2 as a "waste" product.

So yeah, by all means reduce our consumption (and wastage) of energy, but go plant some trees, too!

The sun, of course, is what provides the heating energy - but damage to the eco-system by human activity is what reduces nature's ability to balance it all out...

Mac said...

Dear Anas,

An interesting article indeed! There are two schools of thoughts concerning anthropogenic effects on global warming- a believer and a non-believer. And I have seen many arguments till today.

You said:
“I boil water on a daily basis, you know for drinks, telur setengah masak, etc. I began to wonder, how long and what kind of heater do we need to boil all the water from the sea and land on mother earth? I sometimes cook too. Now, how big a fire will I need to heat up all the land mass too? Now how about the air around us? Really ...can the last 40 – 50 years of human activities like industry, driving our loveable cars and riding of motorbikes do that? Hmm... kind of tak masuk akal..”.

Actually, it does make sense from a scientific perspective!

First and foremost, you need to understand that we don’t need a huge amount of heat to heat something up. For example, if you were to leave a wet cup overnight in an ambient temperature, without any direct contact with sunlight or heat, it still dries up. That’s called evaporation, and it is driven by heat. But it wasn’t that hot was it? It wasn’t boiling was it? Yet, it still dries up. This only goes so far as saying that heat, no matter in what amount, can heat things up!

Another point that matters is that the heat is from the sun. It is not from us, humans! When we drive our loveable cars, we emit greenhouse gases (GHG) such as CO2 etc. These gases, which forms a layer surrounding the earth’s atmosphere, traps the heat from the sun resulting in a build-up of heat or a rise in temperature. So human activities do not directly increase the temperature (or heat the earth), but it is an indirect consequent.

In addition to that, many seem to think that when we talk about global warming, we are referring to 20 or 50 degrees rise in temperature. That is not the case at all. The increase is not as much as that. In fact the increase that we are referring to is a fraction of a percent. But believe me, the earth’s system, the way Allah has made it, is in equilibrium. A disruption in the equilibrium can be catastrophic. An increase by 2 degree Celsius is all we need before a major catastrophe occurs. Let me guess, 2 degrees sound pretty small, doesn’t it? That is all we need to drive towards a higher rate of evaporation hence leading to heavier rains. That is all we need to dry up water sources in certain areas. That is all we need to prevent edible crops from thriving the way it used to.

Anyway, would be happy to discuss further.


Anonymous said...


check this website

it is also on youtube, regarding miracles of Quran which states the equilibrium of the earth.

Lately, we are experiencing freak weather everywhere,
Are these corrections to stabilise planet earth.???

We had heavy rain last weekend here in UAE, and it seems UAE is getting more rain since last year.


Jahamy said...


Let me introduce you to one of my favourite "professors" - The Late George Carlin -he is funny and insightful You must wacth it.

eledhel said...

Hi Anas, I have been quiet follower all these while but I must voice my objection at this point.

The first Shot was when you tried to make politicians kiss and embrace.

I'm not sure of your political leanings, Anas. But if you know how Malaysia is run ( divide and conquer by fear of May-13th) and you support the concept of Bangsa Malaysia you should be supporting the the people who push for change

If you were a supporter of the movement then well... you are a quitter.

Assuming that there is one unity government/ and or PR never existed
What do you think BN would do for the financial Situation? Then think, Is it any different now?

whether or not there are by-elections, whether or not there are political tussles, BN will not be doing their job. It makes no difference.

What have they learnt in the Past-Year regarding good governance? What have they learnt about fair elections? What have they learnt about anti-Corruption? Just look at UMNO elections! A Corrupt politicians is still retained by a chief Minister and MACC declines to investigate him!

Look at Penang and Perak, Have the economy grown in the short time of 1 year? This is what you should be cheering for and fighting for. Voting for a new government that is by the people and for the people-Makkal Sakhti!

The process of bringing change to Malaysia is far from over and frankly this is not the time to quit!!! If we let this opportunity of once in 50 years slip by then our children will be lamenting us 30 years from now.

Also, have you gone through what the RM60 Billion is for? Does it directly involve the rakyat?

Do you even read your own blogroll?

On Climate Change,
Is it the fault of humans?
No it definitely Isn't!

It's an act of God!
So are Earthquakes and Tsunamis
So are the recent outbreaks of dengue and the SARS of 2003.

NO they definitely aren't because of apathetic humans who don't care about their own backyard and it the Spread of SARS definitely isn't because of the availability of modern Transport that helps spread the disease around the globe.

No no no! Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Acts of Nature!
Hey Even the Iraq war was because God made two nations hate each other.

Please, open your eyes.

Read the debates that are going on.
Yes, Humans being may not be the sole factor. But even then, We're egging the process on, pushing and shoving.

Anas... Many people look up to you and you're a corporate figure. So please do consider what repercussions of your actions will bring.

"stop politicking! Focus on the Economy"
It isn't as easy as that.

Sincerely, I hope to hear a reply from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro.,

This scripture was penned down about 2 thousand years ago where machineries are only imaginary to humans. How does it know that humans had the capability of ruining the earth until the creator has to intervene in earth affair?

Revelation 11:18 - But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time for the dead to be judged, and to give [their] reward to your slaves the prophets and to the holy ones and to those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”

pah nur said...

Overzealous environmental fanatics may say that the global warming is solely caused by human activity. Truth is ,apart from the green house effect gasses produced by the earth's existence itself may have contributed to global warming. That and the fact that the earth is rotating insidiously towards the Sun. However, The Earth can be considered as a physical system with an energy budget that includes all gains of incoming energy and all losses of outgoing energy. They kinda counter effect each other. The planet is approximately in equilibrium, so the sum of the gains is approximately equal to the sum of the losses.

A recent warming of the Earth's lower atmosphere, termed "anthropogenic global warming" as evidenced by the global mean temperature anomaly trend, is believed to be the result of an "enhanced greenhouse effect" mainly due to human green house gasses, mostly carbon dioxide. (And my mother worries about my farting in public habit, when there are more potent gases out there to pay attention to.) CO2 production from increased industrial activity (fossil fuel burning) and other human activities such as our vehicles, cement production and tropical deforestation has increased their concentrations in the atmosphere.
Measurements of CO2 from the Mauna Loa observatory showed that concentrations have increased from about 313 ppm (mole fraction in dry air) in 1960 to about 375 ppm in 2005. The current observed amount of CO2 exceeds the geological record maximum (~300 ppm) from ice core data. The effect of combustion-produced carbon dioxide on the global climate, a special case of the greenhouse effect first demonstrated in the 1930s, may be called the Callendar effect.

Because it is a greenhouse gas, elevated CO2 levels will contribute to additional absorption and emission of thermal infrared in the atmosphere, which could contribute to net warming. In fact, according to Assessment Reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations".

And Anas, should you decide to run for MP, don't make that same mistake Sarah Palin did with her historical environmental remark.....unless of course, at the time you're running your political campaign, money politics is still regarded as something people get away with a "stern warning" .....;-D

G. Balamurugan said...

Hi Anas,
I have only been in the environmental field for 22 years - so I don't think I have learnt or know enough to comment very much on such a complex subject.

I have come up with a hypothesis monyets, not humans, are causing the global warming. Hoping to test this hypothesis soon. But I need 2 humans and 2 monyets to volunteer which is proving to be difficult to get.

Carry on writing although I must admit that I have got no clue what you are trying to say this time.


Realtor in Toronto said...

I must agree with you, I too am not very fond of all this Global Warming hysteria. Climate change is a natural cycle that has been occurring on our planet for thousands of years so why are we suddenly so concerned about this one. Apparently we didn't cause all the ones before so why this one? I did participate in the Earth Hour but not because of the global warming but because I do hate seeing people waste energy. Climate change we can't change but pollution and having a cleaner environment we can. It sure would be nice if you could go out for a walk in a larger city without being surrounded by smog and exhaust fumes. Anyways, great article.

Take care, Elli

Doria Abdullah said...

If I am really into the Q of "Are we humans causing global warming? Are you sure?", then the 2 weeks studying about atmosphere, greenhouse effect et al in Environment Chemistry is wasted la. :D

But seriously, WE are the ones causing global warming. Perhaps you should check on the following data:
1. Graph of CO2 emission
2. Graph of temperature change

Yeap, the nature has its own way to do check and balance, and this includes natural disasters et al, but it doesn't elevate global warming as fast as what WE are doing at the moment.

For me, WE are responsible for global warming. But Earth Hour might be a bit too much. Too overrated.

My residential college announcement: "Sila matikan semua lampu dan menghentikan penggunaan elektrik pada satu jam sempena memperingati Earth Hour 2009."

At the same time, my friend's Facebook display read: "XXX is going to turn on his laptop for final year project, Earth Hour or not."

I just click "like" on the Facebook display. LOL

Mervin said...

Come to think of it, whether it make sense or not, does't it really matter?

Just a question. Would anyone of us use THAT as an excuse to use up more resource than what we need?

If human impact is insignificant, do you intent to leave your laptop on when not in use?
would you switch on the aircond in your room even it's not that warm and uncomfortable??

well since our actions are so insignificant, lets continue to cut down all the forests to build more mega structures,
build new nuclear plants and better cheap coal powerplant to provide more electricity to mankind,
dig up all the oil that we can find on earth to power our vehicles and machines,
lets harvest more fish, claim the forest and grow food to feed ourselves, yes can we!!
we do not have to think thinking twice before we discards our 'junks', since we have so many land to use. Who cares the filling up the landfill?
polystyrene? plastics? cover it up and we will be fine.
Don't worry. Our actions are not significant at all as our MOTHER EARTH is huge and able to recover itself in no time.

Ya right....

YES! TheSun has the power to heat up the whole earth, even more with the help of OUR CARBON DIOXIDE.

If US, the HUMAN din't realise that WE are thinning the ozone layer decades ago, WE would have been all suffered with skin cancers!!

In the case of climate change, Who should take up this responsibility?

The answers is clear don't you think so?

joolee said...

I think you should do some research before posting. Global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which emits CO2, which in turn causes the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect traps the heat of the sun trapped on the earth's surface causing surface temperatures to rise. As a result, the polar icecaps are melting, the oceans are getting warmer, climates are changing. Scientists have concluded that the first cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels - coal, petrol, wood. Yes, the heat comes from the sun - but the problem comes from us.

whatever said...


I just discovered your blog in about few minutes ago. And I was going to leave a comment regarding this particularly interesting entry of yours but most (or pretty much all) of them have been said by other people here.

I won't say further since all my points are already taken. But in short, I would say nevertheless, in my own humble 2-cent opinion, it is the human activities that catalyzed the global warming effect that we all are having right this moment and if we are to live like we used to (and for our next generations' sake, for that matter), then it is time for us to change for good of all our (apparently) non-green routines.