Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kuasa Raja-raja Berperlembagaan

A few called and asked about the meaning of the item 4 of my recommendation in my previous post where I suggested,

“And finally, my final hope is for our Raja-Raja Berperlembagaan to use their influence and legal and Royal power to come and save the day if all fails!!!”

It’s like this. The Agong can choose any Member of Parliament to be the PM of Malaysia. Anyone whom he thinks would be best in managing and dealing with the country after consulting his fellow brother Royalties. For example, if they find both the leaders of the winning and opposing team as not up to mark, they may decide to choose someone else from the pool of MPs.

So technically any MP can be a PM (similarly, any ADUN can be a Menteri Besar of Chief Minister, as per the Perak example with Nizar). This is the beauty of our political structure that those who have made democracy their religion fail to appreciate. In our system, if both alternatives are wanting, we have another option. Understood?

Democracy is not written in stone, it is just a tool to manage society, we can choose to use or not use it as long as the results is the betterment of humankind.

So the Agong can choose Tengku Razaleigh, or Ustaz Hadi, Kit Siang or Loh Gwo Burn for that matter. But, if we do reach to this stage, it would probably be Tengku Razaleigh, as he has the experience and knowhow, expertise in economics, accepted by all the races (especially business people like me) and has no baggage. Perhaps as a caretaker PM till all these nonsense cool down!

Good luck fellow Malaysians.


patungcendana said...

hopefully it will not come to that...

if not i will have to say...demokrasi sudah mati...

have a nice day...:-)

Wilfred Yeo said...

u r right anas. i watched tengku razeleigh's interview on astro awani last night. rational and intelligent.

mkhairul said...

very interesting, although I dont think that option will be exercised as it would defeat democracy, and it is practically not doable given he has no control of the dewan rakyat.. although technically of course 44 senators can be appointed by the Agong to support him hence majority in the senate.. the PM will have plenty of motions of no confidence from the MPs and forced out of office.. then the whole debacle continues aint it?

Abdullah said...


I really hope it will not come to that...the repercussions of an action of that magnitude will be felt for years - perhaps decades to come..

Though I say this in full indignance to what is happening to the country today..

Timmy Say said...

PR to push Tengku Razaleigh for PM with the help of some BN supporters. PR you can't take over now, but DO YOUR PART to ensure country is governed by someone who really want to save Malaysia. Save Malaysia for the next 3 years with Ku Li in charge then you can take over without much mess, and some money in the bank.

10 Advantages if Ku Li is PM:

1. He is better than Pak Lah and Najib.
2. He can take care of the country before PR takes over in 3 years time or else the country will be ruin by then.
3. He will return Perak to PR, help Selangor to buy water concessionaires and stop the plot to take over Selangor and Kedah.
4. He is of royal blood, he can control the Sultan to abide by the rule of law. If he gets the majority from Parliament, Agong will likely approve it.
5. He is consistently consistent with his principles.
6. No backlash as he is a Malay, but an open-minded one.
7. No backlash from UMNO as he is still with UMNO. Although he is a torn in a flesh in UMNO just like Zaid, but he did not quit yet. We still nominate someone else from UMNO to take over to minimize the political game revenge from UMNO.
8. He has enough experience on the economy.
9. He can sit down, talk and listen to economy advice from DAP, PKR and PAS.
10. He has a Chinese wife, which is a very good symbolic power-sharing theme between the races if he is the PM. With this, we can gain stability to steer our economy out of this global crisis more confidently.

The problem now is he is lack of support.

The idea of Pak Lah staying put is not a good idea also. He approves the way his deputy plays politics, just like in Perak. I feel they are just 2 kali 5.

I hope PR, RPK and pro-Pakatan bloggers can agree to this and start the push before April.

1. Chances of Pak Lah staying. (0/10)
2. Chances that country going to be in better shape if Pak Lah is staying. (0/10)
3. Chances that country will turn better when Najib in power. (0/10)

With the chances rate above, why don't we take this bet, and try to push Ku Li for PM to save Malaysia? Or we just sit aside and hope Pak Lah will remain or something happen to Najib that he can't become PM?

This is the most effective remedy. -- follow him here.

Father Sez said...

A novel suggestion, but only if the institutions do what they are supposed to do.

Recent events have sadly confirmed that this hope is misplaced.

Over the past years, the basic principle of democracy, i.e. the separation of powers have broken down and have become blurred.

Whilst I agree completely to the truce that you have called for, I still yearn for those in authority in our country to start recognizing what is right and what is wrong.