Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8th - A Call for a TWO YEAR TRUCE

Let us reflect

Today is March 8th, one year since PRU 12 but we are in a classic 'lose-lose' situation.

While it is understandable that BN does not see a need to celebrate as BN had the worst elections ever, the irony is that PR too will find it hard to celebrate although it was the opposition’s best general elections. This has taken place because of short sighted over politicking. Is this smart politics?

There is a third group that has little to celebrate. People like you and me, the Malaysian public. I like to call this group The Third Voice.

This is not the time for politics and using of our intelligence to manoeuvre legal and political avenues to gain power but it is THE TIME for actions based on wisdom. Wisdom that allows us to see that a truce is good for all parties.
This is the wisdom, BN and PR leaders can focus on two things.

One, make sure the nation survives through the looming crisis with minimal pain, and two, spend time building their own leadership team and party. Najib as the new PM will need to look into building a solid team to lead the country. Anwar can start forming a shadow cabinet and strengthen the Pakatan Alliance. We need a real strong Pakatan if we are to slowly but surely graduate into a two party system.

As a member of The Third Voice, I would like to see my choices so I can do my shopping the next general elections. So, two years of truce will be good for both parties. Both leaders can strengthen their internal organization instead of trying to break the other party apart via defections. Weak leaders try to win by weakening their enemies; great leaders win by strengthening their own people first.

If Malaysia is to have a two party system, Malaysians must trust that the new alternative is better than the old one. The new system must promise stability, rule of law and development minus corruption. So if we want a two party system, we must have an anti-hopping law so that each government will get 5 years to prove themselves, both at the federal and state level. Today, even with the winning party having a clear majority the political situation can prove to be unstable. How stupid is that?

If this continues then the rakyat will find a two party system not viable and see the need to give the winning party a solid 2/3rd or more like in the past. The opposition especially the DAP and NGOs have been working hard to deny the BN the 2/3rds majority for decades. Now that God has delivered your prayer in a silver platter with a few states under your care for practise of good governance and prove your worth, what did you do? Were you thankful? Or did you get greedy? Why did you become greedy? Who made you greedy? Guys, come on .... wake up!!!

Malaysians, Najib, Anwar and the appeal letter

Thank you to DPM Najib who has acknowledged the appeal letter. He said in his blog,

“His letter was not only fair, but clear in pointing out the real issues that we as a nation must focus on to move the country forward.” And, “To Anas Zubedy and fellow Malaysians: I acknowledge your call for a united and effective front among Malaysians. Together, we will strive to make Malaysia a better, stronger country that we can all be proud of”.

YB Anwar Ibrahim has yet to respond. I hope he will soon.

I have received so many smses, letters, messages through the Facebook, comments in my blog and people and strangers just walking over to give me a hand shake since the appeal letter and the Star highlighted the advert. Many of my business owner friends called and people I know in business share similar thoughts and feelings.

A few days ago before I present to a new customer my business proposal, one customer came forward, extended his hand and says that “first on a personal note, thank you for the appeal letter”. A different customer said almost the same words, as I was leaving the presentation room.

I was told that the appeal letter was also discussed from serious places like board meetings and humble places like the mamak stalls. Spouses discuss about it with each other, parents and children, friends and colleagues. Malaysians are saying the same thing, the letter represent their innermost hope; that it echoed their thoughts and feelings. Many wrote that they sokong 100 %. I hope our politicians lend us their ears. The one that does will get many votes in the next election.

I have taken 50 pages of full page adverts before this one but the reaction to the appeal advert is like a dream. My childhood friend Beng summarizes it well in an email, he is one of those who knew me since my primary one and empathise with my unity goal and dream, he said ,

anyway, coming back to the full page ad tat u took out today, i must say it's a brilliant piece of marketing. i know, i know.. i know tat u didn't do it for the purpose of marketing or any kind of commercial promotion and tat u really mean wat u said in yor open letter to our politicians; tat dey shuld focus more on the economy, less politicking, hijacking states, etc..

but tat's precisely where i'm coming from. when one means wat dey say, indirectly it becomes good marketing for their company, regardless of wat it sounds like. in business, all news is good news, unless of course dey are reporting u serving melamine laced teh tarik during yor seminars lah.”

What is next?

  1. My fellow brothers and sisters in business. Take out similar adverts, one each will do. Say that you support the idea for truce. Yes I know you support me, but taking a step further will be better. Make sure you place your signature in the advert. Marketing and advertising is my area of knowledge and putting your signature will carry more weight. My appeal letter carried mine.
  2. Those of you who has a list of sms blast blast this please “Contact your MP/ADUNs asap and tell him/her if you do not call for a truce and focus on the economy, you will not vote them in the next elections!”
  3. If you are a member of The Third Voice, BN and PR members who also share the same feel that this is not the time for politics, call, email, contact your MPs and ADUNs and tell them the same. THAT IF THEY WANT YOUR VOTE, CALL FOR A TRUCE NOW AND FOCUS ON THE ECONOMY.
  4. And finally, my final hope is for our Raja-Raja BerPerlembagaan to use their influence and legal and Royal power to come and save the day if all fails!!!

I will contact Nurul Izzah soon as mine is at Lembah Pantai.

Thank you Malaysians. Please do not lose hope, but we must also take action. Contact your MPs and ADUNs and do it now.


Wilfred Yeo said...

Ok Bro - I have done my part as the 'Third Voice'. I dropped YB Hannah Yeoh, ADUN Subang Jaya a note in her blog. The ones who hears the plight of the rakyat during the real times will win.

patungcendana said...

stumbled upon your blog...
very informative though I'm not into politics...keep writing...and I'll keep reading...:-)

have a nice day...

The Yellow Robot said...

salam Anas,
Rgrd about marketing ur idea. I suggest u come up with a symbol that we could put up in our blog, similiar to ur "Let's read the Quran" and Rocky's "Save IJN".

Anonymous said...

"Weak leaders try to win by weakening their enemies; great leaders win by strengthening their own people first." VERY GOOD POINT!
yeahh yellow robot, i agree with u!you should come up with any symbol or banner so that all the 3hd voice people like us can put it in our blog/fb/etc.
thank u!!!
way 2 go anas~

Anonymous said...

Well, Anas, do you think Najib gives a damn what you think? I dare you to go up to Najib's face and tell him about this "truce proposal" of yours.

The truth is Najib doesn't give a damn what you think, nor Najib care about what any other Malaysian voters think.

Careful calling yourself the 3rd voice. If you are not careful, Najib is smart enough to manipulate the "3rd voice" that you are proposing, and you'll be his tool instead.

cohong gym said...

I salute you. The ads was well said. It represent majority of malaysian. Let us shut the politicians' mouth and force them to work towards better malaysia. Anyway, that is the reason why we vote for them