Monday, March 23, 2009

Constitutional Monarchy

We value food not bullets, clothes not uniforms,
homes not barracks. - The Tunku

At UM, I studied Economics, majoring in Public Administration – meaning I studied many papers dealing with Malaysian Politics. While I was always either absent or half asleep during the economy classes, especially macro and micro (I find this amazingly ironic because in my late 20s and early 30s I found them exceptionally interesting especially macroeconomics as I read them on my own! It takes a lot of talent to make those subjects boring. Kudos to the lecturers! ) I was an exemplary student of politics.

One of my favourite subjects was Malaysia’s Political Structure. We had some really good lecturers too, Shabery Cheek the current Minister of Information, Michael Ong who I think is Kit Siang’s good friend(I borrowed many of Michael Ong’s books especially Kit Siang’s writings and every of the books has Kit’s signature and wishes on them, I still keep the photostated copies hehe!!!) Firdaus Abdullah who was also a poet and many others.

I read many paper and books, attended hundreds of talks, forums and discussions about Malaysian Politics, History and Culture not because of the exams but because I found them drop dead interesting.

The Malaysian Constitution for example is an extraordinary document. Our history of Merdeka , how Tunku and Gang’s patience and cooperation in realizing our freedom without much fuss, shedding of blood nor riot is something I found not just as a blessing, but almost a modern day miracle. What’s waiting a few years if the results is saving human lives and arriving at a political system where civilians are the kingmakers instead of the military? When the British left us, we parted as friends. Compare all these with the other colonies and their history and we will appreciate better this country we call Malaysia.

One of the uniqueness of this history and what we have today is our democracy of a constitutional monarchy. A special system we inherited but today not appreciated by a good many that do not understand nor are aware of its beauty.

Here's an article taken from THE STAR about the subject that is worth reading.

Sunday March 22, 2009
The democracy of a constitutional monarchy

THE Conference of Rulers, a unique gathering of monarchs with origins in the Durbar of 1897, convened for the 216th time last week since its first meeting in this format on Aug 31, 1948. Throughout its history, it has made many important decisions as required by the Constitution, and has acted as a check-and-balance in the interplay between the branches of government.

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I would love to pen down my opinion and this is a democratic country, but the type that catches anyone who speak out their minds and their minds happen to not be in favor to the, syyyyyyyyyyyy....I don't know why I'm writing this in the first place...I can get into trouble just saying this...syyyyy....(is sodding mournday, so excuse the eccentricity)