Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dr Bala's Blog on Environment

Hi People! Dr Bala is a cool dude with an interesting take on the environment. You may want to have a look ... here's a snippet...Dr. Bala, wish you a great blogging time!

"Protecting the environment requires us to do more than just recycling our wastes and planting trees. Many of the root causes of environmental degradation lies in the way our nation?s Constitution is written, in the manner our laws are formulated, in the incentives that our taxation system provides, in the structure of government machinery and in the abysmal level of resources available for environmental protection ..."

At, Bala discusses current environmental management problems affecting Malaysia, articulates the real issues and root causes and offers glimpses of the ways forward.

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G. Balamurugan said...

Anas, thanks for the referral. Traffic to my site has obviously increased after your posting. Cheers.