Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tiger Meat and Parts for sale in Penang?

I grew up in Penang. A colourful state with colourful people, but, within the rainbow we also have some weirdness - some good and some bad ones.

While I am glad that the Penang State Government is thinking out of the box, but I would like to throw caution towards the idea of having a tiger park. While many parties have given various reasons for disagreeing with the idea, but they missed one very important downside; Tiger meat and parts as food, aphrodisiac, tangkai dan sebagainya...

When I was a little boy, during an excursion to Balik Pulau, I chanced upon four Malaysian brothers sitting in a corner of the durian plantation plucking out the brains of a monkey (macaque actually) with chop sticks downing it with brandy. The poor mammal was still alive - eyes rolling, head stuck in a hole made at the centre of the round table while the rest of its body hanging beneath the table, in frantic motion.

They first shaved its head, used a chisel and meticulously carved the skull out an almost perfect square ... and down it while exclaiming “ Ho liou lo....Ho liou lo!”

I will not be surprised if by now some Penang kakis are already planning to market Tiger paw, Tiger meat, Tiger KuKu Chiou, Tiger tongue, Tiger blood, Tiger satay, Tiger Kut Teh etc inviting customers from near (Penang market) and far (as far as Beijing or Taiwan). Get it?

But let’s not kill the idea. Instead of thinking big with Tiger, think small ... how about 40 ha of herbs,spice and special plants like traditional South East Asian ubat-ubat tradisional... the herb and spice corner at Batu Feringgi for example is really cool to visit... make that BIGGER AND INTERNATIONAL.

My Tagline for Penang is - "Keep Penang as Penang, please"


G. Balamurugan said...

What the state government probably had in mind was to bring the infamous Tiger Show back to Penang

Julian Chin said...

What the.... Penang?

Wan lai Penang pun oo lang chiak lau hor?

Tsk tsk tsk... Man and his goal for ultimate libido.

pah nur said...

Gawd, Anas!! I just had my breakfast!! How can we call ourselves human, it's beyond me!!!
Eating animal organs whilst it's still dangling half alive, yukh!!! And I don't mean yukh the animal, I'm yukhing the bloody humans for being so........inhuman!!!

EDUCATION - that's the only weapon for these diseased minds. Honestly, how can we call ourselves the Khalifah, when we are the ones upsetting the ecosystem!! It's like, I dunno, some political party perhaps? You claim yourselves the leaders,(khalifah) yet you screw up the people....what difference it is with those men eating monkey brains?

my said...

Pah Nur... I do agree with you...Sadly.. even in this modernize environment, still got this group of people....Can't they be more civilized..? Hemm..What to say.. their soul, their heart and their mind are already blank and black..

The Quran has mentioned it:(Verily, it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts which are in the breasts that grow blind, Al-Baqarah 22:46)

AuntyMo said...

Your Blog has great contents, Anas.

wendikaa said...

Me aagreea, aw yaw mae eooew grrr eaat

Anonymous said...

animal rights r worht fighting for, these people need therapy,they r very mental disturbed, as they r rule by the darkest goverment on the planet, the only hope for china is an uprising of a tsunami size, to get rid of the rot at the top, same goes for all goverments ,there,s no goverment like no goverment.