Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wil Yeo or Wil Yeo Not?

Of late I have been encouraging my corporate and business owner friends to blog about the Malaysia’s socio-political and economics situation. It is always good to hear and listen to feedback from a larger group of people and organizations.

One such person is Wilfred Yeo, a client – participant, now a friend. His blog has a witty name “ Wil Yeo or Wil Yeo Not?”. Wilfred has just written “Let the show begin”, it is about the current economic situation. He wrote,

“My last trip to Singapore was a few months back. I was window shopping and I noticed droves of people trying to enter into designer outlets. Yes, they literally needed to queue and I wondered to myself where the recession was? I shared this with Jessie and she jokingly said that these were not Singaporeans but Mainland Chinese, when I said that they were mostly dressed in shorts. The point I am driving here is, our friends from Kiasuland acknowledges that the recession has hit their shores and they have been taking measures ...

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Wilfred Yeo said...

Thanks for the link bro. Just this afternoon, unexpectedly 30+ additional hits. Let this be the beginning of the third voice.