Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Politics Can Wait ... All We Ask is Two Years Of Truce

Monday March 2, 2009 – The Star
The crisis reaches our shores
Global Trends By MARTIN KHOR

The tidal waves of the global economic crisis have hit Malaysian shores. The country’s GDP, exports and balance of payments have all been deeply affected.

THE effects of the global economic crisis reached Malaysian shores at the end of last year, according to data released last week by Bank Negara and the Statistics Department.
Malaysia had thus joined the growing list of countries hit by the global turmoil.

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Anonymous said...

Teru-Teru Bozu is considering either to be an opportunist during a recession or to put her biz plan on hold 1st and wait for the shore to calm after the storm ... sigh!

Father Sez said...

What is there to hit?

When all our trading partners are publicly proclaiming their economic problems, do we have to wait till "something" hits us?

Looks like your appeal has fallen on deaf ears.

Maybe we should introduce a law called "Causing Financial Loss to the State" like what they have in Ghana.



Abi Ayyub said...

It's interesting actually how many of us are actually and sincerely care that everybody will be effected by the event of economic crisis. Just in The Sun today, US gov't throws AIG RM111bil lifeline.

And a few days ago, our 5 toll concessionaire gets more than RM200 million. Worst of all if this info is correct one of them had a profit of RM 1.5 billion up from RM1.3 billion.

In Selangor, it was mentioned that the CEO of SYABAS gets an allowance of over RM 5 million annually.

Do they really care ????

By the way, Anas, your article to the politician HOPEFULLY will be a catalyst to something better.

zie said...

This is in response to yr. posting on 28 Feb. To me that advertisement as well as the ones before are splendid, if splendid is a good enough adjective for what your organisation did. I do not remember coming across similar ads before, that is advertisement about encouraging harmony and tolerance among the races in the country, especially during this trying economic time and a time when racial harmony is perhaps making us somewhat nervous. Like you said, people are entitled to their own opinion and some people might think it is a waste of money and effort. To me the advertisements conveyed the innermost hope of a group of Malaysians at Zubedy Corporation about their country, their society, their present and their future.

mummy_aiman said...

I agree with you 100%. Tapi depa ni sibuk dgn politik pasai duit depa dah berkepuk. Berapa keturunan depa pun, duit tak habih! That's why they don't care about the current economic situation. It is only people like you and me that will feel the heat! Azmi Khalid mentioned that when he was a minister, dia tak payah bayaq toll. Pasai tu depa tak rasa susah like the rakyat. Pasai tu they don't care if there's toll hike... becoz they don't have to pay! They will still continue with the political power struggle. Just to satisfy their ego! How I wish, if I could bang their heads together to wake them up and face the real issues!

Noone said...
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Father Sez said...

Well said, Mummy_Aiman. From Mummy_Anas. (Our only son is Anas Siddique)...hehe

pah nur said...

Truce? Try asking a dog not to pee on the tree to mark it's territory....The sore losers of recent GE are not going to rest, until they defame the winning party...It's preparation for the next GE....assuming the country will still exist come next the rate things are going..