Thursday, May 19, 2016

Have A Meaningful Wesak - Thursday in The STAR

Great compassion makes a peaceful heart. A peaceful heart makes a peaceful person. A peaceful person makes a peaceful family. A peaceful family makes a peaceful community. A peaceful community makes a peaceful nation. A peaceful nation makes a peaceful world. Samdech Preah Maha Ghosananda (1929 – 2007)

Let us be Moderate: Practice mercy. Forgive and forget. Give peace a chance.

I will always practice mercy. I will be quick to forgive and forget. I always give peace a chance.

1.   Why mercy?

Mercy is central to everything that is good. When all else fail, Mercy is our savior. As such, our framework to make things good and move forward must emerge from Mercy. Once we have Mercy as our operating system, our worldview, our intentions, our journey, our plans, actions and behavior cannot but come back to moderation. Mercy is the core of being a good human. Without mercy, there would be no humanity.

2.    Why we must be quick to forgive and forget?

We are a young nation chasing after big dreams. We come from different backgrounds, religions, cultures and ethnicities. It is natural that along the way, we may intentionally or unintentionally hurt each other. If we are not quick to forgive and forget, we will create a tit-for-tat cycle. Moderates choose to be the bigger person and may even turn the other cheek. Moderates are able to see the greater good.

3.    Why always give peace a chance?

PEACE is our ultimate goal. The path of moderation from all our traditions, cultures and religions ultimately seek to create peace within us as individuals and peace in society as a whole. Moderates recognize deeply that creating small wins by always giving peace a chance cultivates the ethos to a harmonious society. Moderates are agents of peace.