Tuesday, January 21, 2020


What we desperately need is a huge economic surplus, not the surplus of candidates for the position of Prime Minister.
Since GE 14, we spent so much energy and attention to when the current PM will pass the baton to the next person even though the initial agreement of 2 years has yet to be breached. Nay, not even after 6 months from May 2018 did, we start! We were busy with the transition as though a change of PM is key to our success. A utopia just waiting to arrive once we have a new PM in place. How na├»ve!
Economic performance and a handsome surplus should be our priority task. The top priority task! Our focus should be on the business people, big, medium and small. Are our business community doing well? Are they optimistic? Are foreign investments rushing to invest in our country? Is our stock market doing better than all the others are within our neighboring South-East Asian counterparts? Are we removing any uncertainties to make our business climate certain and seamless for investments and economic activities?
Sadly, the answer is no.
Let us refocus. Put priority to the economy and its performance. Focus on the business people. Make their work easier by creating the environment for business success.
Because all other social functions – education, religious, health care, public-service, defense … and almost all other human activities depend and hinges on the surplus of economic resources. Profits and savings that can only be generated by a successful economic performance. Furthermore, we are living in an era of the employee society. Is it not smart to focus on those who provide jobs in the first place?
What is to be done?
It does not matter if you are the king maker in the deep state, a super keyboard warrior or all other member of the Malaysian rakyat – pay attention to the business people. Focus your energy to make them successful because your success and the country’s victory can only take place if they triumph.
We need more economic surplus, not more PM candidates.
Anas Zubedy
Malaysian Movement for Moderates