Thursday, October 29, 2020


 While the majority of Muslims celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, at the same time we seem to fail to follow his examples.

Let me explain.
The Quran sets clear guidance on how to handle insults – even when it is directed to the Prophet. Yet, we Muslims seem to do the exact opposite. We seem to have abandoned the Quran as a hidayah (guide). This is rather mind boggling. Do we do this out of ignorance, personal or political benefits, or we simply no longer trust the Quran?
Many times, I wonder if we have entered an era that is described in the Quran chapter 25 Al Furqan verse 30 that reads,
“And the Messenger has said, "O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Quran as [a thing] abandoned."
The title of the chapter is an important indication, Al-Furqan – The Criterion or The Standard of True and False. I highly suggest you read the entire chapter which outlines among other important messages are the stories of accusations, lies and insults towards the Prophet. That he, the Prophet concocted the Quran, that the Quran is just fables of ancient times he recycled, that the Prophet is a nobody – just like them – going around the market-places, eating food and no real material treasures bestowed towards him.
The Quran inspired and motivated the Prophet at verse 20 by reminding him that the prophets before him were also mortal humans, ate food and indeed went about in the market-place. The verse ended by encouraging the Prophet to be persevering, “Are you able to endure (this test) with patience? For thy Sustainer is truly all seeing!”
As you move along the chapter, at verse 63, The Quran guides us on how to deal with such trials,
“For (true) servants of the Most Gracious are (only) they who walk gently on earth, and who whenever the foolish address them, reply with (words of) peace”
Al-Furqan 25:63
The Quran provides another clear hidayah in the story of Abu Lahab.
Who is Abu Lahab?
Abu Lahab is the only person from the enemies of Islam during the time of the Prophet, who mentioned by name in the Qur’an. Thus, he is the number one reference for all Muslims as far as an individual who had insulted the Prophet. How the Quran and the Prophet dealt with him should form the standard operating procedure on how to deal with those who insult him.
Although he was an uncle of the Prophet, he staunchly opposed Islam from the very beginning till his death. A whole short chapter (Al Masad, Chapter 111) of the Quran is about him and his wife.
“The power of Abu Lahab will perish, and he will perish. His wealth and gains will not exempt him. He will be plunged in flaming Fire, And his wife, the wood-carrier, Will have upon her neck a halter of palm-fibre.”
Quran, Al-Masad 111: 1-5
The Quran predicted they will die a non-believer. In other words, they will be enemies of Islam till death. They will not change. Their hearts are locked. Yet, there were no prosecution, no shariah call to put them in jail or death. Instead, the Quran said that their punishment will come only during the hereafter – Allah’s promise!
These two enemies of Islam who insulted the Prophet at every chance and yet there was no call for indictment! Just Allah’s promise that their wrongful behaviour would be dealt with, by Him!
According to historians, Abu Lahab and Umm Jameel brought excrements and offensive materials in the middle of the night to leave them in front of the Prophet’s home. All the Prophet did was announcing that it was a bad neighbourly behaviour and he simply threw the rubbish away. Umm Jameel is known to throw thorny bushes in the path of the Prophet to hurt him!!!
Abu Lahab made it his job to follow the Prophet wherever he goes when the Prophet share the message of Islam. He forcefully encourages people to not listen to the Prophet, to ignore him. At times Abu Lahab will chase and throw stones at the Prophet to stop him from spreading the message. Yet again, there was no calls to prosecute him. No shariah law thrown at him, no sedition and no death threats. Just Allah, promising he and his wife will suffer in the afterlife.
So why are we going into conniption whenever somebody insults the Prophet? Why thousands of Muslims go out of control rioting and running amok. Some died during the madness - wasteful unnecessary deaths! Why are our religious leaders and politicians going about with bravado giving warnings and asking for boycott to a nation that took in thousands and thousands of brother and sister Muslim refugees – feed them, housed them, protected them and give them a new lease of life?
Is Allah’s promise not enough for us Muslims?
Personally, I do not want to be one of those who has abandon the Quran. If you are with me, we need to trust the Quran as our guide. And when we differ, we go back to the Quran.
“And upon thee [too] have We bestowed from on' high this divine writ for no other reason than that thou might make clear unto them all [questions of faith] on which they have come to hold divergent views, and [thus offer] guidance and grace unto people who will believe”
Quran, The Bee, Chapter 16:64
Going back to Chapter 25 of the Quran, Al Furqan, I wish not to be one of those who make use of insults towards the Prophet as a platform to further my own interest, their desire as their God. As Al Furqan verse 43 reads, “Hast thou ever considered [the kind of man] who makes his own desires his deity? Couldst thou, then, [O Prophet,] be held responsible for him”.
Nor do I want to be among the ignorant as portrayed by the following verse Al Furqan verse 44, “Or dost thou think that most of them listen [to thy message] and use their reason? Nay, they are but like cattle - nay, they are even less conscious of the right way”.
I want to be among those who trust and use the Quran as my hidayah as explain in Al Furqan verses 72 and 73, “And [know that true servants of God are only] those who never bear witness to what is false, and [who], whenever they pass by [people engaged in] frivolity, pass on with dignity. And who, whenever they are reminded of their Sustainer’s messages, do not throw themselves upon them [as if] deaf and blind”.
I hope you will join me.
“For (true) servants of the Most Gracious are (only) they who walk gently on earth, and who whenever the foolish address them, reply with (words of) peace”
Al Furqan 25:63
Peace and Have a Meaningful Maulud Nabi.
Anas Zubedy
29th October, 2020