Friday, August 26, 2022


At a deeper level, it is sad that we had to send a former Prime Minister to jail. This is the sorry state of our nation. This defines who we are as a society. How did we as a people reached such a regretful situation?

How did we produce leaders who lost their compass to such a degree? Where did we as a rakyat go wrong?

How did we bred leaders who not just have an insatiable greed for money but also those who score very low in their ability to be honest on both sides? Of hypocrisy and the absence of authenticity? Of leaders who chose to be enemies or friends with each other based on the lust for power not the love for serving the nation nor for deep rooted good unchanging principles and shared goals to make us a great nation?

And we are not talking about just one leader, but many. Not just from one side but both sides of the political divide.

Are they a reflection of who we are as a whole?

This is a time to reflect.

Peace, anas