Friday, January 20, 2023

Have A Meaningful Chinese New Year 2023 - LEARN HOW TO LEARN


Learning how to learn is a skill – a crucial one.
It is a much-needed ability not just for our fresh graduates and newbies but for anyone who wants to keep pace with the world and stay relevant. A skill that will help us learn new things, grow, develop and avoid becoming deadwoods.
Learning how to learn helps us find answers when ‘we do not know what we do not know’ thus avoiding our blind spots – the antidote of being ‘bodoh sombong’. Learning how to learn is an attitude. To learn how to learn we need to cultivate the curiosity of a child and the awareness that it is okay not to know everything and to look for answers. To ask questions, is actually, being smart.
Practising learning how to learn requires action and good habits. When given a task, especially a new one, do not rest just on our past laurels, experience and skills – just in case they are not adequate or worst still, obsolete. One must read, read, and read. Investigate and do some research. Be active in looking for mentors, coaches and teachers. Be quick to volunteer for tasks outside our job scope and what we are paid for. These habits ensure that we learn something we would have learned less well, more slowly, or not at all if left alone.
A person who practices learning how to learn is like a seed. A seed has potential. But it would not grow into a big, strong, beautiful fruitful tree without absorbing and making full use of resources from the outside like sunlight, water and nutrients. We can keep a seed in a bottle for years and it will remain a seed. Good seeds can go bad if they are kept too long.
Like a seed that grows into a strong tree, learning how to learn ensures that we make full use of all resources available and grow to our fullest potential.
Let us add value.
Peace, anas