Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terengganu Stadium Collapse - Is it because of corruption?

Pix from The Star Online

The MACC has swung into action and began investigating the manner the contracts were awarded for the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium (The Star today). Is corruption involved?

In the ‘Have a Meaningful Malaysia” book, pages 19 and 73, we spoke about the dangers of corruption.

From Page 19

Why is corruption bad for business and society?

Because it does not promote the best use of economic resources and guarantees that the wrong person gets the job.

Productivity is using the least to produce the most. Corruption gets in the way of productivity as more resources than necessary are spent.

When the wrong person gets the job, the final product or service is never at its best, sometimes they are not even up to par.

While society has created institutions, legal frameworks, rules and laws to deter corruption, the last line of defense lies squarely on the individual. In our strategy to combat corruption we must focus on individuals. We must convince them that they stand to lose and that corruption will cost them in the end.

Rational arguments are as important as spiritual ones. While integrity is essential for a successful career and for business, good ethics also makes economic sense.

Paramahansa Yogananda tells us that there are always two forces within us warring against each other. When we are tempted by corruption, we must choose well.

And in page 73, we stressed that –

" When bribes are paid, when someone who should not get the job gets it because of corruption, everyone loses, even the very people that got the bribe and the work. The one with the bribe does not learn how to do his or her job well, the one that got the work does not do their best because they do not have to. When there's dishonesty, every Malaysian loses, you and me, every time there's corruption, we Malaysians lose. And we will not put up with it any more. Enough is enough. "

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Unknown said...

Seems like MACC is a bit busy these days. The ugly sides of individuals / organizations are showing up gradually.
I just wonder how individuals using corruption to get things moving sleep at night. Or have daily prayers.

Tok Kemuning said...

Another good example is visit the food outlet on Km58 Kuala Lumpur -Karak Highway. So clean and i think among the cleaness and well managed in Bentong, Pahang.... still they could not get an A. Now i know why.Probably the owner too bz building the biz and no time for hanky panky.