Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can we use the term Allah to represent God’s name in the Bible? A Quranic Perspective


The Phoenix Foundation said...


Man, you are something else!

Where on earth did you attain such profound wisdom!

What age are you,Bro, for such reflections belong to the Ameers & Sages

Thank You


Anonymous said...


Beautiful article. I was motivated to read your article by a mutual friend of ours. As a Catholic Christian I tend to agree with a lot of the things you mentioned in your article and I read every line. How towards the end of your article there is a passage that I don't really agree with :

"And, the Christians perceive the Muslims rejection to the usage of the term as another strategy to block the spread of the Christian faith to Muslims in Malaysia."

Anas, you pretty much understand the whole issue from both sides except this part. The Christians DO NOT view this as another strategy to block the spread of the Christian faith to Muslims in Malaysia. In fact "converting" Muslims was NEVER part of the intention of The Herald pushing for usage of the word Allah. It was simply for the continued usage of our Christian brethren from the orang Asli and Sabah and Sarawak most of whom DO NOT speak the english language and HAVE been using the word Allah in place of God way before it was even made an issue of or someone decided to make an issue of. I think as Christians we would be pretty naive to use the word Allah as a method of converting Muslims knowing full well the consequences of doing so as can be seen from recent events and events around the world.