Monday, February 20, 2012

I Believe

Dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,
I believe…

‘Until we give NO FREE RIDE to every candidate, no matter which party they may represent, we cannot stand proud and say "WE, THE RAKYAT, ARE IN CHARGE”.’

I believe that a single voter can make a difference. You and I, we are powerful!

I believe that we, the rakyat, are in charge. I believe that our votes and actions count for everything.

I believe that as we, the rakyat, move for the good of the nation, we are changing our nation for the better. I believe that we the rakyat are more powerful than all the party machineries put together.

I believe we can win when we do the right thing. I believe that God is with us when we are genuine, truthful and have faith in Him. I believe.

I am looking for fellow believers.

I am writing to you as a fellow Malaysian, a fellow believer with a heart for Malaysia. Let’s find ways as rakyat to work towards changing Malaysians and Malaysian politics for the better - with love, care and mindfulness; not with anger and hatred.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure we improve the quality of our lawmakers, regardless which party they are from. We are the real third force. This moment in time calls us as rakyat to act to make sure we get only our best people to represent us in parliament. When we get the best, it does not matter which party they are from.

If we grant the mandate for unfit Malaysians to become our leaders, we are directly responsible for letting our nation fall to neglect. So let’s work. Let’s work to make sure only the smartest, uncorrupted, hardworking, sound and healthy candidates are elected.

I need to convince you that when we believe, we can make a difference…

This is what we can do to ensure we have good leaders after the next elections:

  1. Make an appointment with the potential candidates for your voting area and go meet with them. Go individually, or better still gather a few friends/family from the same voting area and go together.
  1. Before you meet them, make sure you have decided what you want to ask from them. List down your wishes. Remember to use your Reason, Conscience and the Constitution as a guide. For an example, go to
  1. When meeting your potential candidates:
Things to bring

Your wish list from your MPs/ADUNs

A video recording device (your phone camera will be good enough)

What to do:

Choose to be respectful. Tell them you have a list of what you look for when deciding which leader to vote. Tell them that it will help you decide how to vote if they promise to keep this ‘halal contract’ between you, a rakyat, and your political representative.
Be clear: let them know that regardless of your political inclination, you will choose whoever is better at representing the rakyat. If anything, you want to be guided only by Reason, Conscience and the Constitution.

Show them your wish-list and ask them to choose which of the requests they agree with. The more they agree with, the more likely you will vote them.
Record a video of their clearly stated promise to keep to these wishes. Request that they say,

‘I, _________, if elected as an MP/ADUN, promise to (items on the list which they agree with)’.

  1. This is how we can cause the ripple effect:
Once you have the recording, spread the news - post it up to your Facebook and link it to your Twitter, blogs, and other social media platforms. As a way to share it with other like-minded Malaysians, link the video back to
  1. This ‘halal contract’ is your lasting proof and accountability check. If, at any time after elected, your MP/ADUN fails to keep his promise, you can follow up with this proof to remind him, and the rest of the nation, of his/her promises.
One rakyat in each voting area is all it really takes. You can be that person.

When, because of our actions, we make this country better, one day we will look back and know that the reason we made a difference was because we believed.

I believe. Do you?

anas zubedy


darlachinta said...

I believe. I do really believe that one voter makes a huge different.

rexuan said...

i believe too..

Anonymous said...

This is the same thing that Haris Ibrahim advocated in his first initiative under the People's Parliament. Tried it and failed because not enough people coming forward , AND MPs' who do not respond. Also partisan nature of members of the group.

Objective and issue based people - where are all of you?

Pendakyah said...

And remember, dont put all your eggs in one basket.
For the sake of the system, make sure no party get too much majority.

Anonymous said...

No,I dont believe!!CHANGE is what we need,in policies,persons,direction and everything!

Sue said...

I believe too

Erasmus said...

should know the candidates before hand and not last minute but alas what to do, Politicians turun padang when its close to election.

whether you believe him/her now is a real gamble indeed.

kobod said...

ko bodo keling. tak perlu undi boleh jadi kaya macam ananda. Ada ke Ananda Krishnan turun undi? Takde tapi dia milionair.

Adakah kuok turun mengundi megotorkan kaki dia dan berpanas beratur untuk mengundi?

Takdde ko memang tak paham.