Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LGE & Tunku Aziz – The Real Story; The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

Accordingly Tunku Abd Aziz has over the last few years been at loggerheads with LGE especially during their central committee meetings, with the latter constantly ignoring the former’s advice and recommendations.

In the last central committee meeting the heat went boiling especially when discussing Bersih 3.0 and the events that led to rioters and police retaliation. LGE again ignored Tunku’s concern, and simply brushed the topic aside moving to the next agenda. The usually gentlemanly Tunku lost it and shouted at LGE, “Lu ingat ini DAP bapa lu punya ka?”. There was a moment of awkward silence in the room with all eyes looking at LGE. LGE turns to look at his father LKS and then trained his eyes on Tunku. He smiled and nodded… (yes).

The End.

Note: For the less perceptive among readers, the above is a parody :)


Anonymous said...

TA must have learn drom DUMNO. DUMNO have been telling Gerakan, MIC and MCA, BN bukan bapa mereka. In turn Taib has been telling Dumno, DUMNO bukan bapa Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Don't u all realize that Dap really belongs to Lim Kit siang? If this country goes to opposition surely this country will be the pukimak family

Anonymous said...

Eh, eh ya tak ya juga. Lol

Anonymous said...

Haha. The best parody ever!


Macammacam said...

Do tell the parody about Najib and the policeman who stopped him at Jalan Tun Razak.

Anonymous said...

LGE the prodigal son......LKS? What about KS?

Anonymous said...

my mouth fell wide open and i said, LOL. good parody!haha

Anonymous said...

For the first time, I believe in what LGE says....DAP belongs to his father, yes indeed...! Tungku, you are too blinded to see

Anonymous said...

Why put up such a parody? You mean the story is fictional? Please cease and desist from such mischievous tomfoolery, it can seriously mislead readers who somehow miss the qualifying caveat!

Anonymous said...

You know Zubedy, please come out from UMNO closet. Show yourself so i can see you. Why do you have to create such a parody? You are too free? Or is it a work commitment to lambast the opposition, you know UMNO cybertroopers etc...? No more religious ads to put in the newspapers to boost your freaking ego? A gentlemen you are? I don't think so. You are as hypocrital as anyone can get from the UMNO goons.

Good luck in your UMNO boot living venture,

Kutu Polis said...

Ada satu lagi versi kisah yang sama.

Dalam bertenking bincang patutkah tidah DAP sertai Bersih, Tunku Aziz seorang watak yang menjunjung langit kata ..."Mari kita undi di antara hadir. Siapa setuju siapa tidak!"

Jadi semua angkat tangan setuju, melainkan Tunku Aziz!

Ah Eng senyum lebar kepada Tunku Aziz dan tanya,"

Ini Parti Lu punye Bapa yg dulu Policeman punye ke?"

Anonymous said...

Anon 6pm

Anas's parody gave true picture of the filthy party which defiled the meaning of democracy by using it for its name while practicing dictatorship!!!