Sunday, April 21, 2013

Open letter to Nurul Izzah and Raja Nong Chik

Dear Nurul and Raja Nong Chik,

Firstly, congratulations on being chosen as the respective candidates for PR and BN. Both of you deserve the honour. I vote at Lembah Pantai. I am one of those non-partisans Malaysians, one without a party. I would like to believe I belong to a third block of Malaysian voters – The Third Force.

I hope to catch both of you before May 5th. I have not decided who to vote for, and I am likely to make my choice the night before May 5th. But you can help me hasten my decision by doing the following.

I would like to have a contract, albeit a halal one, with the two of you. I have a wish list that I would like you to look into before I make my decision. I do not expect both of you to agree to every item, but the one who agrees and promises to do more will get my vote. I would like to videotape your promise if chance permit.

Here are my wishes:

i. Propose the enactment of non-party hopping within six months and continue to push it forward until the law is in place. You personally will not party hop and will open and explicitly go against the acceptance of any party-hoppers into your team

ii. Speak on behalf of all Malaysians regardless of race or religion at all times and never fights only for one community

iii. Promote economic policies that provide support to all Malaysians in the bottom 40% strata of society, regardless of race

iv. Publicly declare your assets with a third party register with a legally binding statutory declaration

v. Propose to make the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) report directly to Parliament, within six months of the GE and continue to fight for it until the law is in place

vi. Call for a press conference within a month after the elections and show clear knowledge, appreciation and support that the Malay and indigenous customs form our core culture, while the Chinese, Indian and other cultures play strong supporting roles as part and parcel to form the unique Malaysia brand

vii. Practice empathy; e.g. - refuse to allow beef or pork to be served or sold in all government-related premises, projects and all party activities.

viii. Initiate a process to work towards one-stream schools which also adequately provides for all who want to learn their vernacular languages, to be established within the next fifteen years. Propose a constitutional change to make this happen within six months after elections.

ix. Ensure that at least 50% of your work schedule is allocated for working directly for the people in your constituency, you will clock in the hours, declare each morning your daily to do list and keep a monthly report of these efforts.

x. Rise above party politics, and keep the above nine conditions even if it goes against your party

Just in case I am not able to meet with any of you face to face, I would be most glad if you simply email me your answers. Looking forward to voting  either of you.

Thank you.

anas zubedy


Anonymous said...

Great article. They have actually debated in Parliament. Enjoy =)

Anonymous said...

Do you need to ask?

Nurul had been fighting for all those items on your list. The one belonging to the "dark forces" is Nong Chik. He is fighting to defend status quo, i.e. sama sama, the elites continuing to rob the general electorates.

You should know who deserves your vote w/o having to ask ...

Anonymous said...

Anas - you are too idealistic. It is not as simple as a Yes/no answer.
Try give the questions to Nurul's papa and you will get an earful response.

Nurul would say yes to all your questions becasue she knew PR would not form the next government. It is eady to make promises when you know you can always say later " What can I do, we are not the government"

Just go ahead and vote Nurul.

Anonymous said...

OMG just for one miserable vote, they have to make a commitment to 10 commands. Doubtful they ever agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fair and the right thing to do

santhira said...

Very deeply thought out concerns Mr Anas. You have my support for these points. Thanks,
santhira kumar madhavan

KTemoc said...

Great stuff matey, I wish I had posted this

Anonymous said...

If you are non partisan you would not be assistant to Chandra Muzaffar the BN henchman!

Anonymous said...

A fair and just request that our right thinking politician should endorse and albeit. I personally support your request truly driving the concept of a just 1 Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

you should have been there to contest as an independence and I'd vote for you!

Anonymous said...

just explain your position in JUST and I will decide 5 minutes after receiving your response in your blog, whether you have the moral standing to demand answers from RNC and NI.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

Dear Anas,

Just some comments on your wishes:

i. Party hopping occurs because of the lack of an ideology behind each political entity. Therefore money and power rules, not ideology.
v. proposition and enactment can be very far from each other. If all you want is talk, the politicians will say what you wants to hear.
vi. On the one hand, you want racial equality as in ii. and iii. but then you also want acknowledgement of "ketuanan melayu"!
vii. your example of empathy is just silly. In a racially and religiously diverse community, all that that is required is common sense, sensitivity and some degree of tolerance.
ix. What can the politician do for the other 50% of the time?? Clocking in and a to do list every morning. Come on Anas.
x. Rise above party politics? Some of these wishes are core issues. If these issue don't align with the party lines, your politician will get nowhere with your wishes.

Don't be naive. If these are your wishes, they will say whatever you want to hear. If I may give you some advice. If you do see them, next time don't tell them your wish list, ask them their opinions on party hopping, education policy etc. Tell them your concerns and listen to how they will address them.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and draft the contract and get them to sure nurul will....then ask her how she's going to achieve all

Anonymous said...

"vii. Practice empathy; e.g. - refuse to allow beef or pork to be served or sold... "

This is a bit harsh. There is no compulsion for anyone to buy/eat either form of meat. Ironically, this clause is called 'Practice Empathy' - where is the empathy towards the rights of beef/pork eaters?

Anonymous said...

you are full of crap just interested in expanding your business.

Jay said...

I think your request is not only for both of them, but to all candidates. Its the people right to request anything that can benefit back to the people...otherwise we dont need any representative in the parliment...To have an idealistic suggestion would be an eye opener to "rakyat"..that any decision should be decided by the people....


You should leave point viii out. We should encourage vernacular schools and encourage different race to attend. Diversity of culture and education is unique for Malaysia. We should preserve and strengthen them.

bernard tan said...

" vii. Practice empathy; e.g. - refuse to allow beef or pork to be served or sold in all government-related premises, projects and all party activities. " totally disagree with you on that point...... the people should be free to choose what they want to eat..... we have a malay eating beef, a chinese eating pork and an indian eating mutton all siting at one table.... what's wrong with that? if that can happen there, i'm quite sure it can happen here too....

Unknown said...

Has it come to the point where you have to be pro-ruling party or pro-opposition to have a view? What Anas has written here is merely his wish list, which is a lot more than most voters out there has.. Most out there is supporting one party or the other regardless of each individual's preference or moral dilemas.. What's wrong with having your own opinions & having the strength and fortitude to follow through on your convictions? It's a sad day when having your own opinions is tantamount to being an idealist or a supporter of one party or the other.. Let's all be more open minded out there & be willing to ask more of our elected representatives.. Let's vote based on the strength of the individual & not just their political affiliations.. If change is needed or indeed warranted then it should be our minds & attitude which should be changed first before demanding the same from our elected representatives.. My 2 cents worth..

ms. fedup said...

Yes! I believe votes should be earn. They don't care to convince you, you don't vote...

Unknown said...

Anonymous April 21, 2013 at 2:30 PM

funny - I thought Raja Nong Chik had been helping out the poor (squatters- used-to-be-now-residing in low cost flats) while Nurul had been coalescing with the more affluent upper middle class Bangsar types.

also, why hide behind anonymity, anon?

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
If you are non partisan you would not be assistant to Chandra Muzaffar the BN henchman!

April 21, 2013 at 6:38 PM

Anon (who I'm sure is one of those KOMTAR cybertrooper mentioned by RPK) the problem is that..

Your idea of non-partisan is
1) when they only talk good of the opposition
2) when they don't criticize the opposition even if the opposition does something unscrupulous
3)always talk bad of the goverment
4) never have anything good to say of the government even when they've done something good