Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Latheefa Koya’s ‘Logic’

Earlier today YB Anwar Ibrahim and Dr. Chandra Muzaffar agreed on an out of Court settlement.

Anwar sued Dr Chandra on the 6th of March 2008. It was alleged that Dr Chandra defamed him at a forum in Petaling Jaya on the 3rd of March 2008 on three counts.

  1. That Dr Chandra had opined that he, Anwar Ibrahim would be an unmitigated disaster as Prime Minister of Malaysia. 
  2. Dr Chandra accused him of deceiving the people through his Machiavellian politics. 
  3. That Dr Chandra had alleged that Anwar had said that temple bells would not ring in a Hindu temple in the Kampung Rawa Dispute if the temple authorities did not abide by his rulings on the settlement of the said dispute.

Anwar withdrew the first two on 14th of January 2013.

Dr Chandra in his statement said, 

“When Anwar dropped the first and second claims which were the substantive claims against me last year --- especially the first claim --- I had contemplated retracting my third allegation which is what I did in Court this morning. Anwar for his part had accepted the retraction without costs, damages or an apology.Read here

However, Latheefa Koya announced in her press briefing after the settlement that Dr Chandra Muzaffar “menarik balik keseluruhan kata-kata fitnah”. Watch here

Here lies the irrationality. 

As I have stated earlier, Anwar did ‘menarik balik keseluruhan ’ the first two of Dr Chandra’s allegations. Following her logic, is she saying that her boss agrees that he would be an unmitigated disaster as Prime Minister who bends to deceive people with Machiavellian politics simply because he decided to drop the accusations? 

Or is this simply a desperately mindless and silly spin?

Anas Zubedy 
Kuala Lumpur

Note: While Latheefa and I share the same birthdate, it is obvious we do not share the same logic :)


Mustapha Ong said...

Dear brother Anas,

The above case should be classified as "a spin" but politically incorrect kind of self-constrained out of court settlement. Another clear case of abused out of court settlement, "you scratched my back, I scratched yours equation".

No wonder Anwar could afford to sue any Tom, Dick and Harry and get away with it! It's mockery of the law outside the jurisdiction of the legal system. Malaysia is the only few countries that allowed this type of out of court settlement under the public domain, criminal or non criminal as long as it is a civil case. It is politically motivated by both aggrieved parties. My compliments to bro Dr. Chandra but I can't say the same to bro Sheikh!!!

Ganesan said...

Hi Anas,though I may not agree with you on many issues,here I've to agree with you that they(Latheefa Koya/Lawyers For Liberty) are just spinning the story to show that they have been victorious.

Mamat said...

Haha, good one Anas!

Unknown said...

"spin" sudah makan diri :)

Anonymous said...

Lama dan koyak, tunggu nak rabak sahaja

KTemoc said...

good one Bro. Maybe I'm biased but I reckon PKR people (with some exceptions) seldom work on logic, wakakaka.