Monday, May 12, 2014

Conquer hatred with Love - Have A Meaningful Wesak - Tuesday (Tomorrow) in The STAR

Kanishka, the great patron of Buddhism who turned a new leaf by choosing to embrace peace and positivity

Back to basics: Choose to be Positive, conquer hatred with love

As a nation, we can perform only from our strengths. One cannot build greatness on weaknesses.

To perform on our strength, we must first choose to be Positive. A Positive approach creates new energy and multiplies our power. A negative one drains energy and dilutes. Which attitude are we practicing today?

Take our history. When we look back at May 13th do we choose to highlight our strength or weakness? Choose to see the positives or negatives? Do we harp over and over again the thousands that rioted and failed us, or should we celebrate the millions peace loving Malaysians who stayed United – helping to protect each other? The former helps us hate each other; the latter makes us love each other better. We must make smart choices.

What about our media? Do we give more space and attention to positive news or negative ones?  Should we highlight the few extremists spreading hate and make quick gains or choose to focus on news of unity, cooperation, and collaboration that help build our nation and reap long term profits from a cohesive society?

We the rakyat too must choose wisely. Do we crave to read, resend and repost news that hurts each other or promote those that help build unity?

We must choose the Positive approach. We cannot conquer hatred with hatred; we can only conquer hatred with love.

Join us in conquering hatred with love through #SaySomethingNice campaign 2014 by spreading and sharing positivity in Malaysia. We are kick starting the campaign this 24th May, 3pm at our office.

Let us be Positive and conquer hatred with love.

At zubedy, our programs draw strength from shared values and traditions. We believe that at heart, all Malaysians want good things for themselves and for their brother and sister Malaysians, simply because our nation cannot prosper as a whole if some of us are left behind.

Let us be, first and foremost, Malaysians.

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