Friday, August 8, 2014

Join us to #ServeSomethingNice


As a part of our #SaySomethingNice projects, we at zubedy are looking for donation for Kechara Soup Kitchen. As the campaign is 17 days long, we feel that it’s best if we are able to find our friends who want to fund food and supplies for Kechara Soup Kitchen during this period.


·         The donation and time spent with Kechara Soup Kitchen will go a long way to help the homeless and urban poor of Kuala Lumpur.

·         Participation in #ServeSomethingNice, be it via donation or volunteering, is hoped to inspire members of the public to positively contribute and do something nice for the society.


There are two ways which you can help:

·         You can sponsor a slot of your choosing. Your donation will be used to buy vegetarian food and basic necessities such as toiletries, vitamins, and ointment for the poor and homeless.

Monday - Friday
(Walk-in Client)
RM 1,600
(To be distributed in KL area)
RM 2,000 x 4 slots
(RM 8,000 in total)
(To be distributed in PJ area)
RM 1,600

·         You can also participate as a volunteer on a Saturday night with the Kechara team. During the 17-day campaign period, there are 2 Saturdays of which you can join Kechara’s food/aid distribution activity:

6 and 13 September 2014

To place your donation or to volunteer, you may contact Dayana and she’ll arrange accordingly.  She can be contacted at 03 - 7733 6419 or via email at You can also call her for further inquiries.

To know more about Kechara Soup Kitchen and its organisation, you may visit their website:

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