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Thursdaywithzubedy - Start The Change With MAD Through P3!


My MAD Experience
From A Newbie’s Perspective
By: Aleza Nadia Othman

When I was asked to observe the Making A Difference (MAD) training program, I was very curious and excited.

Even as an observer, the program made me realize so much about myself and one of them was that I was too complacent. Previously, working as a journalist for three and a half years, I was in my comfort zone; the thought of changing a new job frightened me tremendously even though deep in my heart, I know I was unhappy. Because of that fear, I started to come up with silly excuses like, “I don’t think I’ll be able to change jobs because I would have to pay for parking and toll.” Till one day, I mustered up my strength and made the first step. Next came the obligatory process of sending out resumes and having to go through interview sessions. It wasn’t easy, but I succeeded and now I’m all charged for new challenges.

Adapting to a whole different work culture after being so used to the old one definitely takes time. I need to remove all Artificial Boundaries, push myself, stay the course and be P3. I have to be honest, it is very hard. Just this weekend, I caught myself blaming other drivers after failing to find a parking spot in the mall when I should be taking responsibility for leaving the house late!

I am still learning every day, and with time, God willing, I will be able to unleash my real potential and be P3 in all aspects of life.

MAD Through P3
How The Course Changes My Perspective About Almost Everything
By: Wan Nurul Jannah binti Md Isa

Before MAD, I was too comfortable in my bubble, I never felt the drive to even start dreaming. That’s probably because I do not like changes. I love living in the past, which is why I have a hard time planning for the future. I thought it would not make a difference if I were to plan since nothing is fixed. Because of that mindset, I took my own sweet time doing things and ended up not finishing anything. When things did not go my way, I blame others. For example, I blame my marriage for my lack of focus at work. I thought it’s because of the extra hats I’m wearing that cause me to be disorganized. I also blame my working hours for my decreasing reading time. In short, though I knew there’s something wrong about me, I never bother to change simply because I was too comfortable in my bubble.

After MAD, I start questioning my bubble. What if there’s something better outside my bubble and I’d been missing out on all the better things all this while because I was too afraid to take the first step? It’s really not just about work. It’s a lot more about how I handle my life and the people around me. I also learned that nobody is going to help me build my dream if I do not have the desire myself in the first place. What I have is enough to bring myself to another level. I have to start. Then everything will come in place. Instead of whining and waiting for help, I have to help myself. I need to be more positive about my future. Good luck, bad luck – who knows? I realize that I just need to try and I must try now!

In a nutshell, in term of personal development, I am now aware that I must stop blaming others for my own shortcomings. In term of professional development, I must now learn to compartmentalize and sort out my time management. I also need to be more opportunistic about my own strengths and mend my weaknesses at the same time. I find that if my personal life is managed well, my professional life will become less stressful.
MAD Through P3 had definitely inspired me to take the crucial first step to a better life.

*** MAD Through P3 is a change management program provided by zubedy (m) sdn bhd. For more information about the program or any other programs, you may click the link:

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