Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#LRTQ2016 - My 10 Favourite Quranic Verses Series

Let's Read The Quran (LRTQ) Camapaign 2016
From 1st March - 31st March 2016

In conjunction with the Let's Read The Quran campaign 2016, 31 notable individuals from various background will be sharing 10 of their favourite Quranic verses. Their chosen verses will be presented in a poster format, in both English and Bahasa Malaysia version. 

We are happy to announce that Sinar Harian will be featuring some of the posters throughout the month of March. We will also be sharing it across all of our our social media platforms. 

The next individuals who will be sharing their favourite verses are:

27. Roselaini Faiz
28. Prim Kumar @ Farim Umar

The Let's Read The Quran campaign hopes to encourage the public to read the Quran in a language that they understand. We also seek to promote the Quran as a universal document, hence we encourage participation from Muslim and Non-Muslims alike. 

29th March 2016 featuring Roselaini Faiz.

To read this article in Bahasa Malaysia, please click here.

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