Sunday, August 21, 2016

#SaySomethingNice Campaign 2016 : #BakingSomethingNice project

Pay-what-you-will bake sale project collaboration between #SaySomethingNice and Chef Leah with a Big Heart.

Chef Leah has been baking for 2 and half years with a mission to help her sister, Adele to raise fund for Adele’s cerebral palsy treatment.

You can get your desserts at
The official launch of #SaySomethingNice Campaign
– 25th August 2016 (Sri KDU Multipurpose Hall)
The closing ceremony of #SaySomethingNice Campaign
– 24th September 2016 (PJ Live Arts, Jaya One)

For more information about the campaign or this project, contact:
Ilya at 03 7733 6419 or

[social media handle mcor and; facebook: Chef Leah with a big heart}

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