Friday, June 16, 2017

#BuildSomethingNice - Providing Access to Clean Water for People of Pulau Banggi

THE VILLAGERS on the Banggi Island has to travel hours to get clean water and when they could not, they rely on rainwater, dried up streams and wells contaminated by dead rats that were also looking for water. But things can change with #BuildSomethingNice. You can be part of this project to build a water supply system and solve the issue once and for all.

#BuildSomethingNice Initiative for Gravity-Fed Water Supply System

This year, #SaySomethingNice will continue its fundraising initiative from last year called #BuildSomethingNice - to build and maintain a gravity-fed water supply system on Banggi Island, specifically at Kampung Palak and its five surrounding villages. This project will benefit at least 1,000 villagers in the area.
The funds collected will be channelled to Beyond Pitas and Kupi-Kupi FM, an NGO and a radio station both based in Sabah respectively who brought the #BanggiWaterCrisis into the limelight. We are looking for more contribution to help bring clean water to the villagers. Refer to the poster below for more information.

Moving forward, a water catchment area on a hilltop is going to be reinforced and expanded. Inlet tubing will also be increased from 2 inches to 4 inches to ensure enough water pressure. A concrete reservoir that would store 2,400 gallons of water will be built. The remaining 3.5km poly pipes will be installed which will run straight to the centre of the village.

Background on Pulau Banggi

Situated some 40km northeast of Kudat, Pulau Banggi is the largest island in Malaysia. It can be reached by ferry in two hours and one hour by speed boat. An estimated of 20,000 people live on the island in some 50 villages in total. The Banggi people are Sabah’s smallest indigenous group and they speak a unique non-Bornean dialect.

Let us #BuildSomethingNice and bring water to the people of Banggi.

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