Saturday, February 29, 2020


Ever since my tertiary days back in the eighties, I have been proposing that we must give more weight on the candidate than his or her party. In other words, choose the best candidates no matter which political party they come from. In fact, choose an independent too if he or she is the better person. I have written, spoken and publish work on this subject. The link above was the NO FREE RIDES – choose the best, screw the rest campaign during GE13. Thus, when Tun Dr Mahathir proposed a similar idea with his Unity Government alternative, I went crazy with excitement. I decided to comment about politics actively again, although I have stayed silence for some time - as I believe that we should allow some slack for PH as they are new in the job. I would have given them 5 years, to proof and in fact another 5 years too, because that is the only way they can overcome the deep state. To win 2 general elections. That will send a strong signal to the public service departments that these new bosses, are here to stay. UNFORTUNATELY, many Malaysians ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO TUN, AND NOT THE IDEA. Tun did not call it Unity Government, somebody else did. Let me quote from The STAR( Nathaniel Tan), “ It should be noted however, that Dr Mahathir did not technically use the term ‘kerajaan perpaduan’ in his speech; the words he used were ‘pemerintahan yang tidak memihak kepada mana-mana parti’, which may make ‘non-partisan government’ a more accurate term. Nevertheless, the term ‘unity government’ appears to be the one currently dominating public discourse. To quote Dr Mahathir:“Politicians and political parties prioritise politics too much until they forget about the country, which is facing economic and health problems. I am of the opinion that whether it is right or not, politics and party politics have to be set aside for the time being. If I am allowed to, I will form a government that will not side with any party. Only the interest of the nation will be prioritised. If I am given permission, this is what I will try.” Albert Einstein said that we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Party politics have served us well the last many decades but have slowly but surely outliving its capacity. Tun has offered a new way. Unchartered. New ways have the tendency to level the playing field. This could be our game changer. But first, we must focus on the idea, and not the person. Peace, Anas Zubedy

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