Wednesday, March 25, 2020


There are those who defend them blindly and those who condemn them outright. Both these extremes are not the right way.

The Tabligh movement has done good in their 80 years of work too. Looking within to change their inner self : seeking purity and doing charity.

Today, some of their followers have done wrong. One should not judge the whole. Some are overdoing it, hurling nasty curses, wishing they die and go to hell and so forth. This is wrong.  Very wrong.

Many of the Tabligh followers who are sick did not seek to hurt themselves, more so wanting to hurt others. Many are as innocent as any other who contracted COVID19. An elderly man dies and you curse him? Who is the wicked one here?

Yes, there are those within the Tabligh group today who are hiding and evade the authorities. They are lousy individuals within the Tabligh group. They do not represent the Tabligh philosophy.

Let us be moderate. 

Thanks, and Peace, 


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