Thursday, September 24, 2020


I have stayed out of commenting politics since February as I have strong convictions that today more than ever, we need less politics and need to throw our entire weight on the economy and the Covid-19 challenge. But, allow me to indulge a little today.

The problem with Malaysian politics is that our political leaders and their supporters are not HONEST ON BOTH SIDES.

IF THE OTHER SIDE DOES IT, IT IS FROGGING. IF THEY DO IT, IT IS FOR THE GOOD OF THE RAKYAT. But you cannot have the cake and eat it too. It is simply against God’s social law. It would not work – we will still be looping in a vicious KITARAN, recycling the same old same old leaders and problems. The shit will just repeat itself.

Did our Prophets and Greats compromise on their values? Did Gandhi follow what the British did to the Indians? Did Omar Mukhtar, Libya’s leader and freedom fighter repeats what the Italian colonialist did to his people or did he declare, “The enemy is not our teacher”?

Simply, we cannot have the cake and eat it too. Either we do what is right, or we are forever wrong.

If any of you are really serious in changing the country and make things better, do contact me. I do have some concrete ideas. But not now, perhaps in two to three years’ time. My immediate concern as a businessman is making sure I do not have to retrench any of my good team members and colleagues ensuring they have a salary and adequate income to take home to their families.


Anas Zubedy


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