Saturday, December 12, 2020


It is very hard to teach integrity. It is either they have it or they dont.

Some try hard to change, but their inner devil whispers in their ears cheering them to do otherwise. The pain eats them, but they simply cant shake it out. They create reasons to justify their behavior rather than to correct their soul.
But recently, I have a pleasant surprise. A person who screwed up and cost me an extra 16K 11 years ago, simply wants to come clean. Even when I told him that I have moved on, he insisted on paying back. Perhaps because he was about to lose a leg, it made him to rethink and reflect. But I do not really know.
I told him to just give it away to charity, but he insisted to pay me direct. So, i have decided to give most away to those near me who is in need and perhaps practice a little self love and buy me a little present.
There is hope.

But, integrity is key. Do not do business or form a union, business or otherwise with anyone that is lacking in it.

Coz, until they lose a leg, they will take your arm.

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