Saturday, March 27, 2021



Preferably those between 35 to 45 years of age, but, more importantly: -
1. Have an INTRAPRENEURIAL mindset and willing to share risk – i.e., want to be a partner and earn money from profit sharing, not a salary.
2. Willing to lead and manage our subsidiary, portfolio or projects – depending on your strengths.
3. Willing to invest money and/or time. Money investment not main necessity. We need business leaders, not investors. But with investment, profit sharing will be different. But we expect you to set aside cash for your own survival initially.
4. Willing to delay gratification, put in the hours, and FOCUS ON ONLY ONE BUSINESS.
5. Able to lead a small team and a matrix team.
6. Go getter - Get things done, make things happen (we are not looking for those who want to just make side income and with parasitic nature).
7. Healthy physically, mentally and financially – know how to be prudent.
8. Work with love and passion – balancing People, Profit and the Planet.
9. Ability to advice, facilitate and teach higher management is an added advantage.
10. Have the Capacity, Performance and Achievement oriented, good People and Presentation Skills and have Integrity - the last one being most important.
The most suitable individuals are those Gen X who want to run their own business but unsure how to start. Those who want to work with someone who is willing to mentor, share and who already have a working business model, products and services, processes and brand.
Interested parties, please email me at and cc to my PA a short write up explaining why you are the right candidate. Kindly note that I will not entertain a meeting until you have first sent your write-up (unless we already knew each other considerably). Just one page will do. You can attach any supporting documents too.
Let us add value,
peace, anas

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