Friday, July 30, 2021


The three most important tasks of leadership are removing uncertainties, providing clarity of goals and setting out how to measure success; removing uncertainties being the most important of the three. Without it, all else falls apart. Removing uncertainties is key to create our much-needed political stability, to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and economic challenges, today.

That was why as early as February 2020, I have suggested a MAGERAN-styled govt or a UNITY Government as I feared the instability we might face without a coalition that has a solid majority. Sadly, my fears were right. Like before and until today, I do not have the confidence that our politicians can stop themselves from the crab culture. “Politik Ketam” is an ingrained habit within their inner selves. Furthermore, supporters are cheering the politicians on, making them confident that they are doing the right thing and moving on the right track.

I do not foresee any change in their mentality in the near future. But we must have stability to save the nation from going deeper into crisis. The crux of the issue rests on legitimacy. We need leadership that is beyond a shadow of doubt of legitimacy to lead the country to remove uncertainties.  As such, I would like to suggest the following.

1. I humbly suggest Perikatan Nasional to show their numbers as soon as possible to provide stability in Parliament and as such the country. Even if their majority is very slim. Please do so. This will legitimize their position and help the nation move forward.

2. Failing which, I humbly suggest Pakatan Harapan to show that they have the numbers instead of asking Perikatan Nasional to prove theirs. Get your majority to stand together at Parliament grounds instead of waiting impatiently for a vote inside the House. It is like a protest vote that your team has often exercised before. In this way, you can show you are the legitimate government, with the number of seats and convince His Highness YDP Agung. He could then choose your leader with much ease.

3. If both sides avoid the above and we continue with this uncertainty, I humbly suggest His Highness YDP Agung to use whatever powers he and his Brother Rulers have as written in the constitution as well as their influence and goodwill to move towards creating a MAGERAN-like organization with key statesmen/women with the skills and knowhow needed to lead the nation for an agreed period of time. Any politician who is included in the core organization must retire from politics thereafter. And any other members are also disallowed from joining active politics.

I sincerely hope we find a quick solution from the current political uncertainties. We need to be very focused in dealing with the Covid 19 situation and the economy. The rest are secondary.

Let us remove uncertainties, create political stability and have the clarity of goals that we need while at the same time set constant measurements until we succeed.

Thank you. 


Anas Zubedy

Kuala Lumpur

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