Wednesday, November 3, 2021


Why Malaysia needs Leader-Managers who can first and foremost, lead and manage themselves.

"I have a lot of will power, a lot of self-control"
- Jayaram Jayalalithaa
As a young nation, Malaysia needs talents to lead and manage our politics, government, businesses, social organizations, and family units. We need Leader-Managers.
A Leader-Manager is expected to lead and manage four crucial areas.
1. Lead and manage himself or herself,
2. Lead and manage others,
3. Lead and manage the execution of plans and processes, and,
4. Lead and manage change.
While adequate attention and awareness are given to developing talents in items 2 and 4, more work needs to be done for items 1 and 3.
We have many ideas and plans but fall short in executing them well. The shortcomings in leading and managing processes have resulted in countless poor maintenance and slipshod work.
Yet, our biggest challenge is developing talents who can lead and manage themselves; someone with the skills, will, and behaviours to lead and manage oneself well.
History shows that families, organisations and even nations would collapse when leaders fail to lead and manage themselves in practising self-control; the backbone and the heart of being a Leader-Manager.
Only when a leader practises self-control can he exercise control over others, hold people accountable, have the moral standing to have tough conversations and if necessary, take tough actions to manage performance and misdirection - the ability to pull everyone together with consistency and integrity.
The Leader-Manager can be counted on to develop clear goals and deliverables that contribute towards a common good. The Leader-Manager’s exemplary character, role modelling and focus on the success of the whole unite the team and make both the journey and the goals meaningful and desirable.
Then, he or she is able to lead and manage through people - gets things done and makes things happen. Contact us to know more about our Leader-Manager Working Workshop.
Let us add value,
Have a meaningful Deepavali.
Peace, anas

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