Sunday, May 15, 2022

HAVE A MEANINGFUL WESAK 2022 - What do we want and need from our LEADERS and MANAGERS


What do we want and need from our LEADERS and MANAGERS
We want leaders and managers who can get things done and make things happen – with INTEGRITY. In achieving that, they need to do 8 things right.
Firstly, REMOVE UNCERTAINTIES by setting clear meaningful expectations and measurements. A critical first step in ensuring performance and direction. We cannot measure performance without clarity of goals.
Secondly, guide the team to plan and solve problems. Know when to lead, manage, mentor, coach, supervise or delegate. Leaders and managers ask 3 important questions. “Where are we now?”, “Where do we want to be?”, and “What is to be done by whom?”.
Thirdly, build a high performing team – with aligned focus, purpose, responsibility and priorities towards the common goal. Integrating the complementary skills of team members and unleashing its combined power to get things done and make things happen.
Fourth, willingness to give and receive feedback and manage difficult conversations, without which one cannot build a high performing team.
Fifth, manage tension. Exercise control, hold people accountable and are willing to have tough conversations and if needed, take tough actions to manage performance.
Sixth, communicate and build relationships. A leader and manager will not have much success with the above five areas without a strong ability to communicate and build relationships. A reciprocal flow of giving and taking will likely degenerate and crumble when the flow is too much in one direction. It is about being human and the awareness that the other is human too - not an object to be used.
Seventh, create a motivating environment through a well thought out motivational mix that includes the six areas mentioned above – not just the occasional “rah-rah” and giving grand lectures with little meaning or the simplistic carrot and stick approach. A holistic motivational plan.
Lastly, reflect. An important act to stay in touch with the world and oneself. To check one’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions with honesty and integrity. Reflection provides insight and ways to move forward and create a better future – a better understanding on how to lead, change, reorganize, relaunch or simply passing the baton to the next person.
Let us add value,
Have a meaningful Wesak
Peace, anas
“Every action creates the future.” — H.E. Tsem Tulku Riponche (1965 -2019). A leader who communicates and builds lasting relationships. He is remembered as a kind and compassionate leader who get things done and makes things happen with integrity.

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