Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Have a Meaningful AIDILFITRI 2024

 Have a Meaningful AIDILFITRI

“Benih yang baik, jatuh ke laut menjadi pulau” – Malay proverb
A seed (benih) is packed with potential. But it would not grow into its potential without absorbing and making full use of resources from the outside – like sunlight, water, and nutrients. A seed left in a bottle for years will remain a seed. Good seeds can go bad if they are kept too long.
Similarly, you and I – we too are like seeds, packed with potential. However, like seeds, we can only grow if we make full use of opportunities that lay outside of us - making full use of resources outside of our own. Staying idle stunts us. Idle for too long, we become a deadwood or marginal.
Today, we are faced with a worrying trend where many in the 20’s and early 30’s are choosing to stay idle or jump in and out of work while “waiting for that perfect job”. They are unlikely to reach their potential as one needs to stay at a job for some time to develop marketable skills. The discipline to stay at one job for a period of time, aligning one’s goal with the company’s goal, is a crucial requirement for success.
Many do odd jobs thinking it is a smart move as it brings easy and good money. Odd jobs, done beyond a reasonable period, will soon be considered as a main profession, and work history. These young people will fall into the part-timer’s category of the work force.
It is essential that we convince them to take a job. A real full-time job that provides external resources that they can absorb and grow like a good seed. To nurture the skills required to succeed like discipline, self-motivation, time management, money sense, communication, problem-solving, leadership etc. and functional skills specific to a job role.
Be a good seed – as only, “benih yang baik”, when it falls into the vast sea, can grow into an island.
Have a Meaningful AIDILFITRI
Maaf Zahir & Batin
Salam, anas

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