Saturday, December 20, 2008

Go read Syed Akbar Ali's book ...

I made two interesting friends this December. One is Syed Akbar Ali. He has three book titles to his name. They are written in kinda fun way but dealing with serious subject matters. I highly suggest be you Muslims or Non- Muslims to read his second book MALAYSIA AND THE CLUB OF DOOM – The collapse of the Islamic Countries ( Only RM 38.00 ). I was informed that a particular church in Kl ordered hundreds of the book too. Both Muslims and Non-Muslims should be concern about the issues highlighted in the books, as they will affect all of us ... regardless of your creed.
His other two books are " To Digress A Little" and " Things in Common".
Selamat Membaca!!

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Charles said...

i must agree, my father bought the 1st book for me and i read the 2nd a the bookshop. definately a must ^^ a very enjoyable book.