Monday, December 22, 2008

A must read - best summary of our ethnic history that i have read so far!


If the ethnic temperature in the country has increased in the last few months, it is partly because few of us bother to explain to our own community the concerns of the ethnic other. If the influential stratum in each community makes a sincere attempt to understand and empathise with the other, it may be possible to reduce mutual distrust and forge better inter-ethnic ties.

Chinese and Indian Malaysians who have some knowledge of the ethnic situation in the country and command some moral authority should try to convey the following seven-point message to their communities.

Just as non-Malays should show some understanding of the Malay position, so Malays with moral weight should try to develop empathy within their community for the legitimate concerns of their non-Malay co-citizens. Malay empathy could express itself in relation to the following seven issues.

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Salam Anas,

Pls suggest material on Islamic and psychology reading.




Dear Anas Zebedy,

I congratulate you for the postions you have taken as A Malaysian Citizen & Businessman involved in Human Capital Development.
I have initiated THE 3RD FORCE in Petaling Jaya and we would be honoured to have a dialogue with your goodself to see how we can re-build our nation.
I am also the initiator of the MALAYSIAN AGENDA FOR CIVIL SOCIETY movement and the AFP BRIDGE MODEL.
Please arraange for a meeting that will not only be mutually benefit us, but more importantly get the country back on track to tackling the economy and the human capital development needs.
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