Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am doing a quick survey on Malaysian between 20-35 years of age

Pls spread the word and ask as many of your friends who fall into the category to complete the survey and submit by this tuesday Dec 1st 12 noon. TQVM.

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Shalini S. said...


A friend and I participated in this survey. By any chance will you be presenting the findings of this brief survey (or at least a summary of it) to the rest of us?

I felt the questions did carefully lead one to look inward, within themselves to discover their real purpose of holding on to a job. With today's level of competitiveness,we dont take much time to reflect on things that matter, including these very questions you had put forward.

There are those who hold on to jobs for the financial security it offers.A means to an end. A realistic one. One that ensures there's the basic necessities to live a decent life.It happened to be the most popular answer within the circle of friends and relatives I was with as we discussed your questions.

Or an opportunity to expand and learn whilst using whatever skill/knowledge we have to contribute to everything else at large.

Or the platform to discover one's worth, however 'worth' is defined.

There are many other reasons, and there's where your findings come in.I really would like to know where we stand in this.

I'm curious to know in your opinion, if there's a shift in priorities at the way people view their jobs, say comparing that of my parents' time, to mine.

If there's such a thing, in the real world, as leaving a job once we notice how we've changed as a person, for the worse after commencing those duties although its tangible remunerations beats any of those self-deprecating thoughts.

What's a realistic way of viewing a job, and what constitutes the ideal? Or is there a right and a wrong?

It would be interesting to know what you have discovered through this survey. I would very much appreciate it.