Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cerai Bini if you jump ship in PAS... Dashat!!!

At zubedy, my partner azree and I do set out certain rules to make our team members toe the line.

One interesting new rule is the PEISM ½ month bonus. PEISM is an approach for self development /spiritual growth I created for myself back when I was still an undergraduate (and now impose on others too..haha!).

In short it is an acronym for Physiological, Emotional, Intellectual, Social and Material. In other words if we want to self develop we must ensure we cover all these 5 areas, failing which we have lopsided growth.

Our new rules for zubedyans are that to get the half month bonus next May 24Th (zubedy’s anniversary date) they must clock in 3 times a week of approved workout ( like the zhumba dance lead by my Big Sis Mahani at the office and minimum 3 rounds of walk at TTDI park – the route that goes up the hill ) and go through a weekly reading and discussion of Peter Drucker’s management ideas.

But in no way Azree and I can top PAS’s rules on frogging – jumping seats be it as an MP or ADUN. Honestly I am for defrogging. But this one is really dashat. Accordingly if you are an elected rep from PAS you are “required to divorce their wives with talak tiga if they were to leave the party”. Wow! What a rule.

Leaving any judgement here, what I would like to know is, in PAS, does the rule applies on both sides?

That is, if you are a female PAS rep, does the rule apply too?

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Anonymous said...

That's the problem when people mix religion with politics. The two should never mix. Religion is a personal spiritual contract. It should not be used to govern people. Therefore, secular law & state is the best as it applies to all people regardless of their religion. We should never have Islamic, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu state or law in the country.

Too many religious leaders are manipulating the minds of people by using religion to mislead them. The root of the problem is human ignorance. If people are enlightened and possess wisdom, they will see the truth as it is. This is what we should strive to achieve - educate everyone & and erradicate ignorance. Then there is still hope for mankind.

azam said...

If they are guided by religious faith then this should not be happening but then again they are also human...weak and power crazy

Would like to see who among them will start and take the first lead...or it's juz another media propoganda...

" Dashat...memang dashat...."