Friday, May 28, 2010

Blanket Subsidies - We need to rise above politics!

I humbly suggest that politicians from both sides to view and act upon the subsidy issue based on economics rather than politics. Do not use the issue for political mileage, gain points for both internal party politics as well as the general elections. Whoever helm their party or the country sooner or later will need to face the consequences of blanket subsidies. There should not be any blanket subsidies, period . Here is an article I wrote with regards to the petrol subsidy – click here


Jofica Resources said...

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anas zubedy said...


Thanks for your feedback. will try to improve further. Btw, my name is Anas, not Anaz.

To practice what you preach, you may want to use your own name.

I am good for differing opinions, and pls do read my note on anonymous comments.

cheers and peace, anas