Sunday, May 9, 2010


Dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,

I would like to re-color May 13, to breathe new spirit into the date, to dilute and eventually erase the negative thoughts and replace them with positive meanings and values. We are placing a full page advertisement in The Star this May 13 , with a call to re-color the day.

When reflecting on May 13, 1969, we can blame others for what happened, blame the situation, or we can choose to transform things for the better, to be change agents and constructively fill our hearts and minds with what needs to be done so May 13 does not ever happen again, and that no one uses the day to bring about fear and negativity.

What thoughts can we cultivate to make a difference to how May 13th is viewed? What actions can we take to shine a light on this day so it will forever be a day we learn from mistakes, a day we strengthen unity in our diversity and recommit to respecting one another and working together?

At zubedy we believe in re-coloring May 13 with all our brilliant hues, the many diverse peoples that we are, under this one great nation called Malaysia. We believe it is a day to reaffirm our shared values and traditions and rejoice in what unites us. A day for young and old to constructively talk about what makes us one people and how we can remain strong together.

This May 13 we are launching two unity books available at major bookstores to commemorate the day.

1. A Plea for Empathy, A Quest for Malaysian Unity by Chandra Muzaffar, is a collection of twenty-three articles on Malaysian national unity that appeared in newspapers, magazines and academic journals between 1974 and 2008. Dr. Chandra looks at language, culture, religion, the economy, politics, human rights, education, ethnic accommodation, ethnic conflict and trends in ethnic relations over the decades. The writing embodies the essence of his thoughts on the causes of disunity and the solutions that are possible. ( Retail price at RM 39.20 WM)

2. The Quran and I by Anas Zubedy is a collection of reflections and childhood memoirs featuring among others, inter-faith and inter-racial friendships and depictions of how the multi-cultural Malaysian setting is fertile ground for personal growth. The book highlights universal values found in the Quran through daily life experiences and serves as a simple introduction to the Quran. (Retail price RM 36.40 WM)
Please join us and make May 13 a day of Unity. Find ways to understand each other better, bring to light our Unity in diversity and share your stories with children and young people. Organize gatherings and discussions, Unity parties and kenduris. Or simply take a moment and reflect on where we are today and give thanks; we have much to be grateful for.

Peace and Let us add value,

anas zubedy



Faisal Admar said...

I support this Anas. I've replied your email too and I will write about this (actually, it's already in my draft box) and post it next week.

Good day to you bro!

Temuljin said...

Malaysia and Malaysian can never forget it.Let us make it an event to remind us how fragile we as a society are.
Let us respect each other's existence amongst us and appreciate the values that that we collectively contribute to be Malaysians.

Habib RAK said...

The best way to end May 13 boogeyman is to simply ignore it. The younger generation do not even know about this except when a few UMNO despots keep using this threat to prop their sinking popularity. Your good intention will simply be a subtle way to keep it alive. If confronting the truth is what you are looking for, then this will only open old wounds. The truth is not very pretty for UMNO. Let is rest mate. The occassional taunts will simply die away.

gram.kong said...

I am for it.Posting on my blog.This is what we need not grim reminder of the tragedy.

Anonymous said...

What we need is to ask all leaders to come clean on the issue of May 13th. No matter what colouring you use would be pointless, so long we have idoits like Azhar who uses May 13th as a bogeyman.
Why kind some clowns start to emulate teh Germans? A German Chancellor kneeling in front of the Jewish Holocaust Memorials? All Germans admitted that great atrocities have been committed against jews.

This is a fact. Not a convoluted ideals that Mahathir has presented. Can Najib make the first move to kneel? Or is it back to Ketuanan Melayu? What's the point of recolouring May 13th when no courage being done to ban NGOs like Perkasa.
I won't be apologetic about it. You wanna recolour May 13th. Start by banning Perkasa....Singapore has done it. Done it very well. So does the Malaysians

The Phoenix Foundation said...

It is my firmest of beliefs that our blessed land has been evolving/transforming for the better.
It has taken the younger generation like you to lift the hopes & sprits of the slightly older generation like me , who almost gave up hope in our land.
I would likebto suggest that we recolour 13.05 in pastel shades of yellow,pink,blue & tangerine - these are colours of hope, dreams & universal love & understanding.
Sa'alam, Chosan & Vanakum!

Anonymous said...


PERKASA was recently born, how about suqiu, dong zong, hindraf eh??

why should Najib kneel? to whom? gosh how one-sided myopic can anyone be??

Awesomesauce said...

Good. We need a clean break from the past.

But first, we need to know what truly happened on that bloody day. Who was the culprit? (i mean, anyone with a working brain and have studied deeply enough into the literature and history of the day would know it's Tun Abdul Razak's handiwork, but hey, an admission would be nice) Why did it happen? How can we stop it from happening again?

Only from embracing and understanding our past can we take a step forward into the future.

Anonymous said...

Kepada Si Opportunis AZ,

Ini satu publisiti murahan untuk kepentingan peribadi?

Dulu iklan kempen anti-916 dapat habuan jadi hos rancangan RTM, ini harga diri saudara?

Akan datang kempen Mei 13 untuk jadi popular lagi? Ada cita-cita jadi PM ke? Ada TAWARAN umno lagi ke?

Hang Jebat,
Puchong Indah

ilyani alias said...

Posted on my blog too :)

anas zubedy said...

Salam Hang Jebat Puchong Indah,

Hos TV tu dah dirakamkan 2 tahun sebelum iklan saya tersebut :) Yang RTM pamirkan tu dah repeat 3 atau 4 kali dah.

Tapi, terima kasih kerana memberi maklumbalas. Baguslah kalau saudara/saudari kurangkan prasangka buruk terhadap orang lain. Bukan semua orang tu buruk hatinya.

InsyaAllah, lebih banyak lagi rakyat Malaysia yang rela keluarkan wang sendiri untuk perpaduan negara.

Salam, anas

suu kyi said...

Truly colorful!

It is indeed funny to see that there are even criticisms levelled against your cause to bring Malaysians together.

Supporting it is one thing.

To be criticising? And drawing parallels to suqiu, hindraf, dong wateva My oh my...

Let's hope that your efforts to re design May 13 as a national concilliation day rather than a bogey day gains traction.

wish u best of luck!

Maju middle Malaysia!

Yeiya said...

Those who afraid to shape a better future will forever live in their past.

Its time to move on, add some color to that old dark past and to accept new changes.

Let's recolor ourself for other's to see~

Let's be the first trend-setter to unite all Malaysian~

u-en said...

I love it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi Anas. i'm supporting this campaign, yes Sir i is! curi your logo and put on my site also :]


Anonymous said...

this idea is indeed unique. and about time Malaysia opens up their eyes to. You should translate this in all languages, so you can engage together with the Malays, Chinese and Indians in one slogan.

JLim said...

we sud remember May 13, not by having rallies, but memorial services for this unfortunate event, so that the future & next generation will learn from past mistakes and never repeat history.

that would be truly many colours, 1 race..

*lynne* said...

Hi, a positive direction for an old festering would ... yes!! I am pointing to you from my post. Cheers :)

notenotingnoted said...

I fully support "Let's recolor May 13".
Some of our politicians are terrible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anas,

Good efforts!!!

And to all,
to be 1-Malaysia, is to :

1) accept, welcome AND RESPECT all people regardless of race & religion while holding steadfast to your own.

2) accept & understand the fact that we are different in many ways and that’s ok! Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. So is mine.

3) focus NOT on others’ weaknesses for you are not perfect either.

4) see everyone as equal and it begins with you (us) : “I am no more (or less) superior than the other”.

The Malaysian Chinese and Indians are not migrants/ foreigners. They are Malaysians! They worked hard and made their contributions to the economy and development of the country, in big ways and small ways they did.

They were part of the history that formed Malaysia and they still are.

As the Malays who lives a relaxing life does not mean that they are lazy. They just have different perspective towards life. Just like the Europeans, they opt for a quality life. The Malays too, had & have their fair share of contributions. Without them, it won’t be Malaysia.

Malays, Chinese, Indians and others, they all had & have their contributions *in their own way*!

**Do what you do best and stop focusing on pin pointing others.**

As a matter of fact, start thinking about MALAYSIA, what WE (regardless of race) can achieve.

If it’s too big a subject for you, how about just learn to respect one another regardless of race?

5) Malaysia = Malays + Chinese + Indians + Other ethnic groups

If you had not known, this (equation), is Malaysia. So accept it and learn to co-exist in harmony. This country is not yours alone. Neither is it mine alone. It is ours.

6) Don’t tell me to say this to PR or BN or whichever party. You know as an individual i can't change them.

But rather, focus on what I can do as an individual.. which is to create & spread positive vibes amongst different races.

Don’t wait for others to change. Change(of mind set & attitude) begins with us (YOU) as an individual. Your attitude (good or bad) will influence people around you.

Just like what Anas did, he waits for no one. He do his part and make his little contribution by sharing some words of wisdom.

In your own opinion, whether you agree with his method or not, do not condemn his efforts for he is doing good. At least he actually do something for I what not..

To Anas, salute to you!


margaret justice said...


Anonymous said...

Anas Zubedy has shown behaviour of being "intolerant" to other's speech.

So I am not sure whether he is a "m------".

Cruzeiro said...

First & foremost, "they" have to learn to acknowledge the mistakes past, so that we can move together towards the future.

No amount of rationalizing, plea for "empathy" and side-tracking will help to "change the color" of May 13, Anas- unless you wish to delude yourself.