Monday, September 13, 2010

Hari Malaysia Advert abt Our Constitution - The Star 15/09

Have a meaningful
Hari Malaysia

The author of An Introduction to the Constitution of Malaysia, our Lord President from 1974 to 1982, an exemplary, towering and honourable Malaysian - Tun Mohamed Suffian Hashim 1917 - 2000

What is to be done?

Return to our Unity Document;
the Constitution

Our constitution is our Document of Unity. It is our written Social Contract.

It defines our legal, political and social life. It provides the foundation on which our nation and Rakyat rest. It tells us who we are, our responsibilities, freedom and rights. It characterizes how we became One, how we formed a nation, first as Malaya in 1957 and Malaysia in 1963.

It is a balancing act, bringing together a myriad group of people from differing backgrounds, wealth and locations into a peaceful society. It is written with love, care and pragmatism. Our constitution’s overriding goal is to create a nation of happy, performing and prosperous people. It defines who gets what, when, how, where and why.

The spirit of our constitution is one of tolerance, compassion and compromise. Through this spirit it unites the old and the new, idealism and realism, the native and the foreign. It unites, us.

Our Constitution is one of the most important formative forces of our society. Yet we have neglected this document of Unity. It is not taught in schools and institutions of higher learning as standard curriculum. Even the educated and the leaders amongst us are clueless of its content, meaning and implications. It is a document we must know deeply, understand and appreciate.

We fail to appreciate the pain, hard work, and compromise that our forefathers carved into this Social Contract that has provided the basis of more than 50 years of political stability, economic prosperity and an exemplary record of people of differing backgrounds living in peace.

Our Document of Unity shows us how to breathe the spirit of give and take in our daily actions. To know that we have enough for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed, no one gets everything, but everyone gets something.

We need to breathe back that spirit. We need to reaffirm this Social Contract. We need to go back to our Constitution of 57 – Our Document of Unity.

At zubedy our programs draw strength from shared values and traditions. We believe at the heart, all Malaysians want good things for themselves and for their brother and sister Malaysians simply because our nation cannot prosper as a whole if some of us are left behind.

Let us add value,

Have A Meaningful Hari Malaysia


Kenn said...

Return to Unity Document is something that DS Najib has to take heed instead of allowing his men to have "cross-words" with Perkasa. Perkasa is an NGO which is only responding to vicious attacks launched against the Constitution.

DS Najib wajar mencontohi dan mengikuti jejak langkah Datuk Onn Jaafar, apabila beliau sebagai Presiden UMNO tidak lagi memperjuangkan matlamat perjuangan orang Melayu dan Bumiputera apabila membiarkan UMNO berselisihan dengan Perkasa serta beliau memperjuangkan 1-Malaysia yang nampaknya memberi keutamaan yang lebih kepada kaum-kaum lain daripada Orang Melayu dan Bumiputera.

SuperstarMissPiggy said...

Hello fellow Malaysian

I have had so much anger, disappointment and no faith in our government but every now and again, when I do read your blog, it gives me a tinge of hope..perhaps I could say a calm breeze settles me. Still, I can't see myself back in Malaysia until and unless there is actual action to change by the people and the government. Sadly, many Malaysians abroad (i live in NZ) tend to carry their racial sentiments abroad. As a university student in London, I used to wonder why the Hindus and Muslims from India/Pakistan brought their differences ashore. I reckon you can't really erase your past experiences from your country of birth and we carry our prejudices. I love my country and there is so much untapped talent in Malaysia that the government chooses to ignore. I do hope this will change.

When the ONE Malaysia concept was talked about last year, the Malaysians in NZ gave a snigger because this is an old adage with a new twist for the new generation. The government should be serious and should stop underestimating its people.

Penat je I tengok politicians brandshing keris and all... what are they trying to achieve but to segregate people? I particularly loved your letter to the political parties. If only they had an ounce of sense like you did...alas it would be wishful thinking.

Enough said... I wish for a Meaningful Malaysia Day. The NZ Malaysian Society in Auckland is organizing a huge event with fabulous Malay cuisine ~ IF FOOD IS ALL WE CAN REMEMBER MALAYSIA BY..SO BE IT. For the moment, that seems to be the only connection amongst us living in NZ.

Keep drilling love, kindness , patience, sense and peace into us Malaysians.

All the Best
Sham Panchacharan