Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Brother Anas by Art Harun

Dear Brother Anas,

I am moved to comment on your "Open letter to Lim Guan Eng."

First of all, I have no doubt of your centrist stance. Having known you for close to 27 years, I think I could state, with some level of authority, that your centrist stance is one which you have embraced all this while. Now you are just utilising that stance for what you think is for the good of the society. I respect that.

As unity is a subject which is really close to your heart, allow me to put my thought to that subject, especially in relation to what you had written in your said open letter.

Unity is a concept, an abstract, if not an intangible one at that. Being an abstract, it cannot be physically measured. It is a state of mind. It exists within parameters of perception. It is not like health or financial success, where someone could declare that our nation is full of healthy people, or that it is full of wealthy people.

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Anonymous said...

We can go back and forth, everything is just talk and "fight" for what is "on paper" only. The reality is we are all united and in agreement that this country belongs to those with money, and who has the money, one can just look around and see. Where I work and live, I cannot find a comfortable restaurant to eat and relax. But I do not hold grudges or regrets. I am grateful that I can make a living, perform my daily prayers, and my two sons can go for Jumaat every Friday at the mosque. Others may have their different needs and I think we are all just happy and united until some politicians start saying things to divide us and break that harmony.