Sunday, June 26, 2011

Different but Stupid by Anas Zubedy - The STAR

Sunday June 26, 2011

Different but stupid


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Local marketing guru Anas Zubedy agrees with Ong that the coffin gimmick in the neighbouring republic is not only offensive, but also stupid.

“At Zubedy (training, development and consulting firm Zubedy (M) Sdn Bhd), our principle is that our branding needs to be DBS – different, better and special. The (Indonesian ) coffin sending stunt is also DBS – different but stupid,” he quips, adding that he also does not believe that any publicity is good publicity.

Anas goes further to oppose the term and practice of “publicity stunt” in business.

“The word ‘stunt’ shows that we don’t respect customers. We should not do publicity stunts – we should only communicate our message – as creatively as we can – to our target group,” he says.

Crucially, adds Anas, the publicity campaign needs to be conducted within the framework of ethical marketing foundation, which is based on the values of the culture.

In Malaysia, with our diverse cultures, we have to be culturally aware to avoid making mistakes and offending anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Marketing Guru for Anas?
Check it out, the consulting firm run by him is half dead (hidup segan mati tak mau). Which company or individual do you think would attend courses organised by him? None. I ask his office about business condition, actually supported by cronysm means. If Pakatan won GE13, can't survive!