Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Gathering of Youth for Unity 2 – Ringgit & Sense: How to make money and keep your principles report

We had good fun on Saturday morning at ‘Ringgit & Sense’, our second Gathering of Youth for Unity. Thank you to all who came and made it a meaningful event with your presence.

Here are some pictures from the gathering:

We had altogether about ninety one participants who showed up from various organizations, business corporations and as individuals. We are also excited because we went LIVE for the first time, and had more than 1800 people following the program online.

We hope those who came had a good time, and are sure you’ve picked up some things to start taking action on from today onwards. Just remember, heroes may always lose first but they will win in the end! Save, save and save! Keep to the contracts we have between God and us, whatever He has given us is enough, we have the power of will to make money and keep our principles always.

If you want to request the notes from the two talks, please drop a comment and include your email address.

Perhaps a good gauge to the response of the gathering was the pledges that were made. At the end of the gathering, we got the participants to write down three things they pledge to keep. Here are some samples of the powerful stuff going on that day. We take our hats off to you guys!

“I pledge to…

- improve personal skills and strive to reach higher level
- quit smoking
- read more
- bring food to the office
- stop spending using credit card
- to live a truthful living
- my ‘tough’ boss is neutral; I’ll use my will to make the best
- ‘buy experiences, not goods’ – a motto to live by
- Save 50%, seriously look into property investment
- save more money for my retirement starting from today 30/7/11
- to actually focus on what I do have and not on the negatives
- remember the world is neutral, and God is merciful
- I will not mismanage any ‘perks’ from work
- Save at least RM100 per month
- NEVER EVER take a bribe
- Teach and practice how to save money with my family ”

If each of us keeps to these, make money and keep our principles, surely we will make the world a better place.:)

Let us add value,
charis ding
zubedy ideahouse

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dalip singh said...

very thought provoking. it was a great experience and yes, I would love to have the notes.