Thursday, May 20, 2021


In broad daylight a group of robbers with machine guns and heavy weaponry forced their way into a house.

The husband pleaded for the robbers to spare his belongings and family. His wife who was in her third trimester begged the robbers to spare her jewelries - her family heirloom for many generations.
While she tried to hold back a favorite necklace, one of the robbers kicked her in the belly. Her husband rushed to defend her but was shot point black right through his face dropping dead onto his groaning wife who later lost her baby too.
The teenage son who could not hold his anger charged forward with a lampshade but was overpowered, beaten and shot in the forehead and chest 6 times.
His ten-year-old brother cried and threw a few pieces of Lego at the robber so he too was shot in his face.
By now, the man’s mother and his teenage daughter were screaming hysterically and his year-old toddler held firmly in the grandmother’s arms were crying loudly.
The robbers got annoyed and demanded them to shut up, slapping the young girl. She spitted onto his face, so they took turns to rape her.
Her grandmother fainted from shock leaving the baby crying ever so loudly by her side. This irritated the robbers further, so one of them smash the toddlers face onto the wall killing her instantaneously.
BUT … because the wife resisted giving her heirloom to the robbers, the husband rushed to defend her, the teenage son charged forward with a lampshade, his ten-year-old lad threw a few pieces of Lego, the teenage daughter and granny annoyed them by screaming and later spat on their face and the toddler irritated them by crying incessantly ...
... the US PRESIDENTS insist that, “The robbers have a right to defend themselves”.

anas zubedy

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