Monday, September 5, 2022

GE 15 SERIES : A zubedy - Taylor's Collaboration - WHITHER GE15?


We are kick starting our The Malaysian Politics and Public Issues (MPPI) series 2022/23 on every Wednesday of the 1st week of the month. We plan to organize 6 to 10 forums depending on the election date.
This Wednesday, our first topic is -
Topic: WHITHER GE15?
Date: 7th September 2022 (Wednesday)
Time: 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm
Meeting ID: 982 0265 5905
Passcode: 20220907
*(Note: Priority will be given to questions sent during registration)
1. Philip Golingai (Senior News Editor, Star Media Group)
2. Dr. G. Manimaran (Election Analyst, Media and Communication Consultant Member, #RasuahBusters Core Team)
3. Anas Zubedy (MD of zubedy m sdn bhd, Adjunct Professor at Taylor’s University, #RasuahBusters Core Team)
Nur Ainif Omar (Lecturer of School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Taylor's University)
We have lined up these interesting topics for you: -
 GE 15: Why, How and Who to Vote For?
 GE 15: Coalition Politics in Malaysia, Past, Present and Future.
 GE 15: Why Should We Vote for You?
 GE 15: Getting Rid of Corruption as an Election Promise.
 GE 15: What Qualities do we want from a Prime Minister?
 GE 15: Role of Race and Religion in Malaysian General Election.
Peace, anas

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