Friday, April 24, 2009

Child Conversion?

The Cabinet made a decision that a child's religion must follow the common religion of the parents at the time of marriage even if the child’s mother or father later embraced another religion. Jakim on the other hand suggested that a child's religion can be decided by either parent.

I am okay either way as long as the law allows the child to choose his religion when he turns 18 and the law is equal on both sides, be they a conversion into Islam or out of Islam as the Quran says,

WOE UNTO THOSE who give short measure: those who, when they are to receive their due from [other] people, demand that it be given in full, but when they have to measure or weigh whatever they owe to others, give less than what is due! Do they not know that they are bound to be raised from the dead? [and called to account] on an awesome Day (Quran 83: 1-5)


Azura Abas said...

I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

PKR doesn't agree. According to them, the mother is not 'salah seorang' of the parents. Only the father is.

And if the Bar Council wants to sit down 'untuk mengemukakan pendapat', PKR will storm the building. However, if cabinet rules children should be left out of the conversion, PKR mintak duduk kemukakan pendapat.

PKR... adil kah?

Walski69 said...

koolgeek - fortunately, Zulkifli Noordin doesn't speak for the entire PKR, and I believe that what he wrote is his personal view. Zul Noordin, by the way, is very well known for his conservative Islamic views, championing a Sharia-governed type state, and has been in the forefront of many loud protests, and "Pembela Islam" groups. That views he's posted come as no surprise.

arah said...


Why whatever happened in Malaysia we want to politicize?

Islam teach us that all children are born fitrah.

What is fitrah?

In US 1.5 million convert to Islam, do we heard they are fighting for babies and dead bodies?

Britian has already practiced Syariah and many British Judges have become Muslim.

Malaysian have to wake up and come back to the teaching of Islam and divine guidance not man make law