Wednesday, April 1, 2009

George Carlin is hilarious!

My BlogBrother Jahamy ( ) recommended an interesting link in his comment for my previous blogpost. You may or may not agree with him, but George Carlin is hilarious.

I suggest you watch this (be mindful of his four letter words, and it is not LOVE!)


LeeWen said...

Hi Anas,

Sorry to say that I'm not going to blindly agree whatever said here, especially the core idea of this video and your previous post. =)

Well, let's not talk about the facts of global warming, CO2 emissions, or catastrophes caused by global warming, increase of earth temperature, etc.
Let's talk, human being.

I did amused by George Carlin's speech. Here're some interesting ones:
- "Save the planet? We haven't even learned to care for ourselves yet, haven't learned to care for one another.."
- "There's nothing wrong with the planet, the planet is fine, but ppl are fart!"
- "the earth can cleanse itself, heal itself, it's a self-correcting system"

I’d like to quote what said by Ray Kent (In short, Ray is a wise man who inspired me, and I’m currently experimenting his teaching about self-care. For details about Ray, you can check out this web: ).
Ray mentioned, “We need to realize that the earth and all its components, including the oceans and its forests, can rejuvenate itself.”(Exactly fits what conveyed by George / yourself!)

But here’s the missing point:

Ray mentioned, “The earth is presently being depleted of its many wonderful gifts. We have turned every ocean into a supermarket, every herb into a capsule, every animal into a food or a pet; we have turned playgrounds to battlefields and we have diminished and distorted ourselves into diseased beings.”
I think no one can ever deny the current pollutions of the planet and human being (it doesn’t matter what’re the main causes).

Yes. George said, let it be, and let the planet heals by itself. But one thing, self-healing never comes effortless.
A very simple example: We take drugs, we smoke, we drink, and we eat and live the wrong way we’re not supposed to. We’re now sick and we might be aware / not aware of it. But we still live the same way we used to live (continue to smoke, to drink, etc). Can we be healed??
This is common sense, isn’t it? =)

Ray taught me: If you have a disease, don’t look for a cure, find your balance.
This applies not only to human, but to our planet too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bro.,

Ecclesiastes 9:4 - For as respects whoever is joined to all the living there exists confidence, because a live dog is better off than a dead lion.
[Tell me if this man rich toward the Almighty God]